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Program overview

If you are a newly graduated Saudi citizen or have limited experience in the labor market, whether you live in the Saudi Arabia or abroad .. Join the short-term virtual work experience programs now, to gain work experiences.  You can register now through several easy and simple steps, and you will discover a new world of work assignments and virtual training opportunities in partnership with leading local and global organizations. 

The virtual work experience program enables newly graduated Saudi youth to acquire labor market experiences and skills by completing short virtual tasks within programs presented in Arabic that simulate the work environment in major leading companies and leadership organizations, whether local or international. 


Available virtual work experiences:


Starting Date

25th January 2022

Program highlights

7 Hours
Fresh graduates, Students in the last year, Fresh employees

Application criteria

The virtual work experience program is available to Saudi youth including: 

  • Fresh graduates  
  • Students in the last year of their university studies 
  • Fresh employees who want to develop their job skills 

Application Process

  • Create an account through V Work platform

    You can create a new account by clicking on the new account icon at the top of the page

  • Activate the account

    Activate the account via the link sent to you on the mail you registered previously

  • Activate the account through the Absher portal

    You will be automatically redirected to the Absher portal in order to confirm your national identity information to register for virtual work experiences

  • Browse virtual work experience

    Watch the introductory video and see what skills you will learn and the company you will work for virtually to decide if this is the right experience for you

  • Start your virtual work experience

    Join now

Applications closing on 30th June 2022


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