Virtual Work Experience - Cloud Computing Admin at Microsoft

A simulated virtual work experience on the Azure cloud provided by Microsoft.
Application open
18 Aug 2022
Application Close
31 Mar 2023


About Microsoft: 


Microsoft's vision is to empower every person and organization to impact the technology, health, or education sector. Today, Microsoft has an electronic cloud of its own development. This cloud serves hundreds of thousands of businesses and includes more than 200 services and products, making this cloud one of the leading electronic clouds trusted by 95% of the top 500 companies. 


Why join this virtual work experience?  

Misk virtual work experiences provide a realistic and unique experience with leading international and local companies. You will work on five tasks to solve the most common challenges you would face on Azure as a Cloud Supervisor. This is an excellent opportunity if you want to experience working with Microsoft and know the kind of work and tasks assigned to you, how to proceed, and how to work with the Microsoft technical team. This work experience is a golden opportunity to get practical experience that you can add to your Resume with one of the most famous leading technology companies.


Virtual Work Experience Tasks:

First Task:

  • Determining the services supporting the expansion and continuity of the business.

Second Task:

  • Building solutions that support business expansion and continuity.

Third Task:

  • Create a scalable website and keep pace with business changes.

Fourth Task:

  • Protect a cloud-based site from potential security threats.
Program highlights
You can add the experience in your CV
Expected Completion Time
You can finish the virtual work experience within 7 hours
Application criteria
  • The virtual work experience program is available to Saudi youth including:  
    • Fresh graduates   
    • Students in the last year of their university studies  
    • Fresh employees who want to develop their job skills 
  •  For anyone who wishes to explore computing and get experience in this field. 
Skills you will gain:
Cloud computing 
Linking between Technologies 
Building solutions for Microsoft Azure

Frequently asked questions

If you hold a Saudi citizenship and live in, or even outside, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you are eligible to apply for virtual work experiences. Virtual work experiences are aimed at fresh graduates or new employees. You can also benefit from experiences if you are about to graduate. There are no additional requirements!

Yes! Through virtual work experiences, Misk supports young talents in important sectors.

The Virtual Work Experience is in Arabic.

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Application open
18 Aug 2022
Application Close
31 Mar 2023
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  3. Register on the training platform
    Create a personal profile on the training platform.
  4. Application confirmation
    Successful applicants will receive an email confirming their program enrollment. We will also share more program-specific information and details about your participation.
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