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5 productive ways to spend your summer

Saudi’s long hot summer is here! If you’re a student contemplating the (...)

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The importance of Emotional Intelligence in leadership

Being able to connect with others in an empathetic way and manage your (...)

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Misk Fellowship highlights and success stories

The Misk Fellowship educates Saudi youth through enriching programs (...)

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The development of volunteering in Saudi Arabia throughout (...)

Volunteering has long stood as a foundation to the making of the Saudi (...)

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How to develop excellent writing skills

In this high-tech age of increased automation, new systems that (...)

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Great jobs you can do from home

The modernization of Saudi’s education system has transformed (...)

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Six Saudi trailblazers to inspire you to success

Whether you’re embarking on the next stage of your education, trying (...)

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Remote volunteering

With the rise of the pandemic and social distancing, there are many (...)