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Program Start/End Date
21 May - 15 Dec 2023
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04 May 2023
Applications close
15 Aug 2023
Program Format
Program Type
Program Start/End Date
21 May - 15 Dec 2023
Program Overview

Misk's Immersive programs are online, intensive training courses designed to equip learners with the skills they need to succeed in their chosen profession or transition to a new one.

Developed by industry experts, the curriculum is tailored to meet emerging market needs and includes live instruction, hands-on projects, and personalized feedback.

These programs are rigorous and structured, lasting several weeks or months, and offer an immersive and engaging learning environment.

Learners will become lifelong learners, capable of staying ahead of the curve in their careers. Misk's Immersive programs provide learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently navigate their professional lives.

Our current offerings include the following programs: 

  1. Artificial Intelligence AI
  2. UX/UI Design
  3. Game Development
  4. NPOs
Program Details
Immersive ProgramArtificial Intelligence (AI)

Build fundamental capabilities in Al across 12 weeks. You'll learn AI modeling on a solid foundation of mathematics including Probability, Statistics, and Linear Algebra.

During this course, you will learn the basic concepts of Probability, Statistics, and Linear Algebra relevant to building AI. You will implement AI (Machine Learning + Deep Learning) with related packages and learn its application to solve problems. You will understand the basic concepts of Python and using it to complete real world coding exercises.
Immersive ProgramUX Design Immersive

This Immersive 11 week UX Design course will equip you with knowledge and experience to get started as a UX designer or researcher.

Now more than ever, organizations acknowledge the value of user-centered design, applying its principles everywhere, from web experiences to physical products to services. This 11-weeks immersive program will provide you with solid experience to catalyze your career and develop fluency in industry-essential topics and techniques.
Immersive ProgramGame Development

Through a rigorous 14-week online course we aim to make you industry ready in the shortest time possible with the specific goal of getting you prepared for developing your own game or obtaining jobs/ internships in gaming studios worldwide. 

Built around Unreal Engine, you’ll be learning from Unreal Engine Authorized Instructors.  You’ll learn how to work with assets, materials, lights and more; you’ll learn how to program interactivity using blueprints and C++; and most importantly you’ll create a capstone project you can use in your portfolio.
Immersive ProgramNonprofit Sector Skills Program

The Non-Profit Sector Skills Program is a unique program that aims to upskill the professionals working in the non-profit sector and enable them to gain specialized skill set to maximize the impact and enhance the performance of their organizations through an intensive remote (Online live) training program.

This program will provide you with a set of intensive and interactive training courses designed for professional workers in the non-profit sector, to enable them improve the performance of their organizations and maximize impact.
Program Outcomes
  1. Acquire the skills necessary to succeed in a chosen profession or transition to a new one.
  2. Receive personalized feedback and hands-on experience with industry-relevant projects.
  3. Develop the ability to stay ahead of emerging market needs and trends.
  4. Build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills for lifelong learning.
  5. Gain confidence in navigating professional settings while expanding professional network.
  6. Receive a certificate from Misk Foundation upon successful completion of the program.
  7. Obtain the opportunity to fast track into the internship program.
Program Highlights
Live-online sessions
Capstone projects
Internship opportunities for top performers
Why Us?

Our programs:

  • Are built for Saudi context - ensuring the skills and knowledge you acquire will be directly applicable to the industry and job market in the region.
  • Offer an engaging learning environment that includes live instruction, hands-on projects, and personalized feedback.
  • Provide world-class internships to top graduates, helping you jumpstart your career.
  • Issue a certificate from Misk Foundation upon successful program completion.
Skills You Will Gain
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
User Experience
User Design
Data science
Non-profit management
trainees have been upskilled!
Thousand Training Hours
of Misk Skills trainees and graduates are interested in joining other courses, inspired by their experience with us.
of workers are concerned that their jobs may become obsolete in the next five years. Many experts believe upskilling is urgent!
is the annual increase in the total number of skills required for a single job, and new skills are replacing old ones!
of those who receive promotions will be employees who develop industry specific skills -by 2025.
Application Process
  1. Sign up
    Sign up to Misk Hub and create your profile.
  2. Apply
    Select the program you are interested in and click the apply button.
  3. Evaluation
    We will review your application criteria and decide if the program selected is right for you.
  4. Application confirmation
    Successful applicants will receive an email confirming their program enrollment. We will also share more program-specific information and details about your participation.

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