Learning Managment System Policy

Integrity policy:

  • Integrity expresses commitment to ethical standards and transparency in all aspects of our educational platform, ensuring non-discrimination and justice for all without prejudice. 
  • Integrity violations include cheating on tests or educational programs in general, impersonating others or inputting incorrect information, illegally exploiting the cooperation of others or using unauthorized sources, falsifying and manipulating information and data, or using any illegal means to obtain information or educational material. 
  • Procedures for breaches of integrity include the following: notifying those concerned, including students, coaches, and administrative staff, denying access to the platform by the user linked to the violation until the matter is investigated. If the violation is verified, appropriate punishment will apply, such as re-examination or erasing progress within the educational or training program, restricting access to the platform, or permanently deleting the account. All violations and actions taken are documented. 
  • Our educational platform adheres to the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all practices and operational processes of the platform. 
  • All employees and partners must adhere to the principles of integrity, ethics, laws and legislations issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
  • All users are required to abide by the rules of integrity and morality and should not attempt fraud or damage any part of the platform or the educational materials available on it. 
  • Mechanisms are provided for reporting any violations of the integrity policy on the platform. The necessary investigations are conducted in any reports of violations. 
  • The performance and operational processes of the platform are evaluated periodically to ensure adherence to the principles of integrity and ethics and to identify any areas in need of improvement. 


Intellectual property policy:

  • About intellectual property: It is the set of rights that protect human thought and creativity, including copyright and related rights, patents, trademarks, industrial models, plant varieties, and layout designs for integrated circuits. 
  • Content rights: They include all rights without limitation, copyrights and trademarks in the use of content, whether in audio, text, image or in any form whatsoever. Any content published on the platform is exclusively owned by the platform. The content should not be copied or used in any form without the prior written consent from the rights holder. 
  • Commitment: The platform complies with the copyright policy by checking and investigating, and all trainers who offer training courses within the platform comply by pledging to follow the copyright policy and ensure that they have full intellectual property rights to the content they provide, and to refer to any external source or content that is not owned by them and to obtain the necessary licenses from the rights holders in the event of its inclusion within the program to preserve the rights of intellectual property. 


Managing the Intellectual Property Rights of the Content: 

  • All educational content of any training program on the platform is reviewed and audited to ensure it is exclusively owned by the platform and the trainer. The content is periodically and continuously audited to ensure that it is free of any violations of intellectual property rights. 
  • Publishing any educational content within the platform is prohibited unless it passes through a regular and strict supervisory sequence to ensure the quality of the content and that it is free of any violations of intellectual property rights before its publication. 
  • In case of any violation of intellectual property rights on the platform, the content will be immediately deleted and opened to an extensive investigation regarding the violation while taking all measures to prevent this error and violation from being repeated in the future. Cooperation is offered to the affected owners of property rights to help take the appropriate legal action in the event of damage. 



  • No person or entity has the right to use the content available on the platform for any commercial or non-commercial purposes or to copy, modify, publish, distribute, sell or resell it in any way. 
  • All users must abide by the policy’s temrs and the Academy has the right to take necessary action including blocking users or deleting content in the case of non-compliance with this policy. 
  • The platform and its owner reserve all other rights that are not explicitly mentioned in this policy and have the right to change this policy at any time without prior notice. 


Technical support policy:

  • The platform provides technical support to all platform users whether they are students (trainees), platform supervisors, or administrative staff. 
  • Several channels are available for technical support, including email and social media. Technical support information can also be found on the platform's home page within the personal assistant. 
  • Services covered by technical support include answering all questions and resolving technical issues related to the platform, including technical, administrative, financial and security issues. 
  • Technical support is provided during the official working hours (Sunday to Thursday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time). 
  • All technical support requests will get a response within 24 hours of receiving them, except for requests received on weekends or public holidays, which are answered on the next business day. 
  • In case the technical support request is not responded to within the specified period, the request is escalated to a higher level of technical support to ensure the problem is resolved as quickly as possible. 
  • Technical support is provided to users of our educational platform through a dedicated technical support team to help solve any technical issue they encounter while using the platform. 
  • Users can contact the technical support team via e-mail or the contact form available on the platform and they will receive a response as soon as possible. 
  • Technical support is offered to users, free of charge, in English and Arabic. 
  • Technical support is available during official business hours from Sunday to Thursday, and users are provided with the estimated response time to technical support requests. 
  • Technical support is useful to users with technical issues only. No advice or training on educational materials is provided. 
  • Technical updates to the platform are provided periodically to enhance performance and users' experience. Users can view the updates available on the platform. 


Privacy Policy: (Updated July 27, 2023) 

Indication: The meaning of “personal information” mentioned in the following clauses refers to the data provided voluntarily by the user to complete the registration on the platform. The information and data usually include the full name, e-mail, nationality, educational level, year of graduation, employment status and place of residence of the registrant. 

  • Use of personal information: The personal information provid collected is used to manage trainees' accounts, provide educational services, communicate with trainees, and improve platform services. The information will not be used for any other purpose without the trainee's consent. 
  • Access to personal information: Trainees can access, update and modify their personal information at any time through their personal accounts on the platform. 
  • Sharing personal information: Trainees' personal information will not be shared with any third party without the consent of trainees. 
  • Security and Privacy: We take all the necessary security measures to protect trainees' personal information and maintain its privacy. We will notify trainees in case of any data breach or violation of privacy policies. 
  • Use of Cookies: Cookies will be used to improve user experience on the platform and to customize services. Users must consent to the use of cookies before using the platform. 
  • Changes the privacy policy: The platform preserves the right to change or modify the privacy policy at any time. Trainees will be notified if any changes are made. Trainees should review the privacy policy periodically to check for new changes. 
  • Activity Tracking: The platform may track users' activity on the platform such as the pages they visit, the materials they view, and the interactions they make. This is done to improve services and provide a better personalized experience to users. 
  • Technical support: If needed, personal information is collected from users to provide technical support and solve technical issues. This can be done via email, live chat, or other methods. 
  • Data collected by the platform: The platform collects the data provided by users in their profiles identifying themselves as well as data related to the educational activity history of each trainee (user), such as completed programs, educational minutes, certificates and other data. 
  • Compliance with Law: Users' personal information will be disclosed if required by law or if it is necessary to comply with laws and regulations or for the legal protection of the platform. 
  • Method and purpose of data collection: Data is collected directly from user inputs and by using technologies that include cookies, local memory, and some other standard technical mechanisms. The purpose of data collection is to improve user experience, provide an adaptive personal learning experience, and analyze the educational experience to find areas of improvement. 
  • Duration of data storage and retention by the entity: The trainees’ data is kept as long as their accounts are active on the training platform. The data that is no longer active and will not be reactivated is deleted based on the data and schedule of each training program. The data can be restored if needed. 
  • Who has access to this data: Users' data is not shared with any person or third party. Users' personal information is confidential. The technical support team and authorized workers have access to the data in specific cases which exclusively includes contexts related to support and assistance. We pledge our full commitment to the privacy of user data. 


Attendance policy:

  • This program is fully presented in a virtual learning mode on the platform. The training uses a Sself-Ppaced strategy without any obligations for the trainee to attend in-person. Virtual attendance is a comprehensive alternative to in-person attendance, and no specific percentage of attendance is required since the program is virtual. The training program can be completed within a week, yet it varies from one trainee to another. 


Submit a Complaint:

Suggestions, complaints or requests for technical support can be submitted directly to the academy by clicking on personal assistant then "Contact Us". 

Then click on "Send Email" 

You can mark your email as a complaint by placing the word "complaint" in the subject of the email.  

  • Complaints will be received by our team during the official working hours from Sunday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm local time. 
  • All complaints are answered within 24 hours of receiving. Except for requests received on weekends or public holidays, which will be answered on the following business day. 
  • In case of a complaint that was not answered within the specified period, the request will be escalated to a higher level of technical support to ensure the problem is resolved as quickly as possible. 


User's Guide: 

  • Sign in to the system: Sign in to the academy from the homepage if you have a profile. If you are not registered you can sign up via the registration page. If the registration is suspended via the directors of the educational platform, please contact the directors of the academy or the training program. 
  • View your programs and events: Once you successfully sign in to the academy, you will find the educational courses assigned to your account under “My Programs & Events” on the home page. You can browse all programs (incomplete programs, completed programs, or programs you have not yet started) as well as search for a specific program. 
  • Access your programs: Once you click on any program, you will be directed to the content of that course divided into educational milestones and arranged in a specific order within the index. Each educational step has specific requirements. These conditions are intended to ensure that you benefit from all the information provided by the program and interact with it as expected. 
  • After you have completed most of the learning milestones, the system will direct you to the uncompleted courses. 
  • Once you complete the program you will enter the last page of the course, which is the last stop. It contains options related to repeating previous content or moving on to the next program. A survey will pop up for you to express your opinion and provide your feedback on the program. 
  • When you return to the homepage of the academy you can resume browsing the programs and enjoy the learning experience. By clicking on the “Personal Assistant” icon, you can get answers to many questions about the academy, the training program, certificates, and other matters. You can also, through the same personal assistant, communicate with us directly via e-mail. 
  • Go to your profile: By clicking on the “Profile” icon on the homepage, you can access your account page where you can modify your personal information and view the programs you have completed.. In addition, you can view the number of educational minutes spent on the platform and see your certificates and points won (which you can download).  

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