How To Gain Trust at The Beginning of Your Career

Important traits to gain trust
Gaining the trust of others in your workplace is considered one of the most important factors to successfully climb the career ladder. In this article, learn about the qualities that make a trustworthy employee.

It is no overstatement to say that the ability to earn the trust of others is one of the most critical determinants for success in climbing the career ladder, and especially the trust of your manager. A common factor that helps successful people achieve exceptional success is “others trusting in them.”

Many may disregard the importance of this matter as they focus on gaining experience before building trust. However, a person’s career may not advance except through the trust given to him which in its turn will pave the way to the experience he seeks.

One of the biggest opportunities - which was given to me due to the trust my manager placed in me at an early stage of my career back then - was working on a project that aimed to introduce the Internet to the Kingdom. At that time, I was part of a young team characterized by seriousness and reliability, which cultivated credibility among the leadership. Back then, the scope of work focused on developing a vision on how to introduce the Internet services and convince the legislator of its importance. With the trust that the leadership placed in team, we were able to give a presentation to the then-Crown Prince, King Abdullah, may God have mercy on him, outlining the pros and cons of the Internet, which contributed to the resolution to allow Internet access to the Kingdom in 1417 AH.


Trust comes first and foremost when a person possesses certain qualities that enable him to earn his manager’s trust, including:

  • Positivity: When a person is positive and able to identify future opportunities, he deserves to be trusted as it is quite challenging to trust a pessimistic person.
  • Reliability: Managers trust the person who keeps a promise when it comes to tasks assigned to him and does not promise what he cannot commit to.
  • Honesty: A person who is honest when dealing with his manager and those around him by not covering up mistakes and taking ownership is trustworthy.
  • Cooperation: A person cooperating with his colleagues and believing that his success is part of the team’s success will lead to able to earn their trust.
  • Authenticity: To be your true self and not pretend to have abilities, skills, and morals that you lack will make you trustworthy.

Now that you have the qualities, it is vital to set your eyes on earning the trust of others by following these steps:

First, invest in knowledge

One of the essential methods of developing knowledge is advancing research skills. Such skills are not only limited to the classroom, as you will need them at work, where you will gain unique knowledge that distinguishes you even if you have less experience than those around you, make you a source of information and trust, and help you master your job better.

Employ the research skills you learned during your studies, use them in your work, and make sure to search for correct and updated information. In addition, reading numerous specialized magazines and books and watching YouTube clips for leaders in your field can help you broaden your knowledge.

Second, identify and use your strengths

Self-awareness is key. Ask yourself questions that help you identify your strengths and how you can invest them better, such as: Where do you excel? What performance have you received praise for in the past? Think of your best self and use your answers to generate strengths and resources that can help jump-start your career and accelerate your professional growth. Harnessing your strengths early on is an effective way to build initial trust, especially if you are a new employee at the organization.

Third, volunteer and offer your help

Do not underestimate the importance of volunteering at work. Offer help without hesitation and make a quick impression as being a serious and trustworthy employee. Helping your team or manger carries high-value implications that increase their trust in you as an initiator who prioritizes team objectives more than anything else.

Fourth, do not make promises you can't keep

Managing your workload and commitments wisely is one of the essential things that earn you others’ trust. Be proactive in your communication with your boss and team members, don't be afraid to ask questions whose answers will help you achieve, and don't promise what you can't deliver if you find it challenging to keep a promise. Discuss the matter with your superior as soon as possible and ask for guidance when you need it.

Fifth, Build a network of relationships

Be sure to form good relationships with those around you and build a deep and diverse network of co-workers. Overcome your shyness and introversion and make sure to communicate during events held in or outside the organization. One of the most important keys to gaining the trust of others is to communicate effectively with them through building relationships on a professional and personal level. These relationships will open doors for you to exchange valuable and supportive ideas.

Finally, it is essential to remember that trust is earned not granted, and your co-workers will not see you as trustworthy until you have already demonstrated that you are up to it. However, by developing skills after taking advantage of the tools and capabilities you have as a new member of the team, you can save time to gain trust and accelerate your success.

CEO - Mohammed bin Salman Foundation“Misk“

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