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My name is Rakan Alrowais; I am an electrical engineer by discipline and a passionate professional in the energy field. Upon graduation, I worked for Saudi Aramco, navigating my professional journey between the upstream and the downstream. During my time at Aramco, I founded and chaired multiple youth committees reporting directly to the company's senior executives, allowing me to develop my emotional intelligence at an early stage of my career path. I pivoted to the Royal Court to learn more about governmental procedures, regulations, and legislation to leverage my stance within the energy sector. I am currently doing my MBA at Yale.

MiSK has always been the wheel that focused on educating the next generation of leaders. To excel in what I am doing, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself, which is why I enrolled in the MiSK Fellowship opportunity. On the first day of the program, I saw the high caliber of individuals across different sectors, many of whom were already enrolled in top schools worldwide. Knowing that the Fellowship program graduates will eventually end up as future leaders to the Kingdom ignited my passion toward engaging in an intellectual conversation with them and building up my professional network. The program so far has been nothing but a joyful trip with people who share similar ambitions and are working very hard toward making their dreams come true. 

On a personal note, I got to meet and become close to some Fellows who are dreaming big and genuinely want to contribute to the Kingdom. As for my professional path, MiSK’s mission is to empower future leaders, and in doing so, they will always give you the tools needed to succeed and cherish your success story.

At Saudi Aramco, I was part of an initiative between Aramco and the Ministry of Energy that conducted an economic analysis to support national fuel and gas policy changes to maximize the Kingdom’s profitability. The initiative resulted in a $200 bn in savings to the Kingdom - Featured in Reuters (hyperlink added). After seeing the roll out of our initiative, the sense of accomplishment was one of a kind; I felt happy, proud, and eager to contribute to future changes!

The energy sector is my passion! I want to deep-dive and explore energy economics and investments within the energy field. I am hoping that one day I could contribute to maximizing potential energy income to the Kingdom and help shape the future of energy in some shape or form. 

Feel free to connect with previous MiSK Fellows through Linkedin, get to know them, ask about the program, and give the application your best shot! Once you are in, the journey of continuous development will never end. 


Despite my previous professional career path that might seem outstanding for many, I decided to pursue my MBA to fulfill my passion for making a social impact. I am committed to learning all the ins and outs in the energy sector and using that knowledge to, one day, stand by the Kingdom's side when making a tough choice.