Five Active Angel Investors in Saudi and How to Pick the Right One for You

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Taking on an angel investor may be the game-changer that allows your business to prosper in ways you could only dream of. There are many ventures and individuals in Saudi Arabia passionate about investing in SMEs. This article takes you through tips for connecting with the right one, so when the moment comes you are prepared to confidently move forward. Angel investors are an influential force in the world of entrepreneurship and startups.


Your start-up is flourishing, but you need a cash injection to help scale your business. Complete with big budgets, expertise and connections, angel investors can offer a lump sum of cash in exchange for equity in your business, and can help make your dream of scaling a reality.

For many start-ups and budding entrepreneurs, this is the dream.

Also known as private investors, angel investors are usually high-net-worth individuals who can invest in your business. They can also provide other benefits like knowledge, guidance, and industry connections.

Angel investors want this partnership to work as much as you do, and they are constantly on the lookout for a passionate entrepreneur with a big idea.

Top tips for connecting with the right investor

An angel investor could change the course of your business. But, before you sign over a share of your company, bear in mind that not all investors are the same, and there are certain traits you should look for when searching for the right fit.

Firstly, entrepreneurs should have a business plan. One that you outline clearly to potential angel investors. You need to set realistic expectations and have a growth plan from day one. Entrepreneurs also need to know how long they need to generate the desired return. Be on the lookout for someone with a successful record working with startups, preferably in your industry.

And finally, investors should be risk-takers with full wallets, and an understanding that not all start-ups lead to success. Yes, some start-ups become unicorns (the lucky few), but others may not be so lucky, and the investor should be prepared for all scenarios.

Leading Saudi investors and how you can reach them

Yaagoub Yousef AlNujaidi

Industries: Oil and Gas, Logistics, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Food & Beverage, Investment Management, Research & Development, Family Businesses, Startups.

With 30 years working in Saudi Aramco under his belt, Yaagoub Yousef AlNujaidi is considered a thought leader and a driver for Small to Medium Enterprises in Saudi Arabia. From his experience within a mix of industries, he extends his learning to emerging leaders, maturing SMEs, startups and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Mr AlNujaidi enjoys engaging in the business community. He’s currently an advisor to the President on Customer Care & Technology at a confidential entity and seeks partnerships to formulate ventures and startups.

Waleed A. Alballaa

Industries: VC, E-gov Services, Mega Program Management, Corporate Strategy, and Emerging Technologies (particularly in the food industry).

Waleed is the co-founder of one of Saudi’s largest VC funds and is the founding member of the Saudi VC/PE association. He is an active investor in tech both in the United States and Saudi Arabia and one of his focus areas is hi-tech FMCG. He says he enjoys “both the business and technical aspects of the work I do, but the thing I enjoy most is unleashing the potential of people around me and seeing their success multiply.”


Abdullah Alaraj

Industries: Fintech, PropTech, LegalTech, Blockchain, HealthTech, Logistics, SaaS, Food/Beverages and E-Commerce.

Mr Alaraj is a prominent angel investor with successful startups in Saudi, USA, UK, India, UAE and LATAM. He is a member of not one, but ten angel syndicates in the US and the UK and is currently a managing partner at Nama Ventures, a preseed/seed stage venture capital fund focused on fueling tech innovation.


Qusai Al-Saif

Industries: Private Equity, VC, Investment Sector.

Mr Al-Saif is a senior portfolio manager of private equity and venture capital at Riyadh Capital, and he has a variety of experiences in the investment sector. His skills are sourcing and identifying great investment opportunities along with structuring funds and deals.


Dr. Khalid AlTawil

Industries: Corporate/Business Development Strategy for National Security, Financial Performance, and Technology.

Dr AlTawil is a super active angel investor and a member of several angel investor network boards. He has funded successful startups in India, Dubai, Egypt and Saudi along with his experience working with several leadership investment, entrepreneurship, and management programs from MIT, Stanford, Oxford, and INSEAD.

As well as working as a private equity advisor, he has invested in more than 10 start-ups including: Impact Guru and Rooter in India, Rentsher in Dubai, and GBareana and Nozol in Egypt.



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