How to Navigate the Saudi Job Market Post-COVID-19

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The global pandemic left a lasting impact on the global job market. Here’s how you can find a job in the Kingdom in the emerging post pandemic world.

The effects of COVID-19 have significantly impacted global economies, creating unprecedented challenges for developing and developed nations.

In comparison to other countries, Saudi Arabia was able to minimize the pandemic's impact on its local job market and substantially mitigate long-term adverse effects. While unemployment rose in the second quarter of 2020, the Kingdom managed to turn things around by amending labor laws to ensure job protection. It also launched, at an accelerated speed, various schemes to generate more employment, leading to a rapid increase in jobs by the time the Kingdom entered the third quarter of 2020-2021.

Traditional office-based businesses had to transition to remote operations. Work from home setups became the norm, and now, organizations are seeing flexible working as a viable long-term model for specific roles.

Teams have discovered new ways to stay connected, with Zoom, Slack, Google Meets, etc., becoming daily communication staples. Reliance on team management apps and cloud-based work distribution software has increased and has redefined how tasks are performed moving forward. It has also created opportunities to find work unrestricted by geography and enabled greater flexibility.

Given the shift to virtual work spaces, it’s no surprise that the demand for E-commerce, E-learning, and online entertainment have exponentially increased. Similarly, companies have also found themselves seeking ways to strengthen their cybersecurity and cloud-connectivity, among other IT-related activities. It would be useful for a job-seeker in a post-Covid-19 world to keep abreast with industry trends and changes like these as it can very well widen the opportunities you can pursue.

Apart from ensuring you’re harnessing the right tools (just in case your next job opportunity won’t be office-based) and knowing what sectors are in demand, here are some tips to give you a leg up on your job hunt:

Manage expectations and strengthen adaptability

One of the first things that you need to do is recalibrate your expectations. You may have worked towards completing a set academic career in an industry of your choice, but a temporary deviation may be necessary. Depending on the industry, you may need to analyze how the pandemic affected your chosen field and if the skills and knowledge are transferable to other sectors. Although you may have a dream job in mind, you may need to be more adaptable, especially in the current market, and build your ideal career skills.

Personalize job-related documents

In the current economic climate, the demand for jobs is high, leading to competition with dozens of candidates vying for every position. You need to tailor your resumes, and cover letters to enhance your chance of landing an interview. Another tip would be to research the companies you want to apply to and create unique resumes for every job application to match respective companies’ cultures, creating an impacting impression on recruiters.

Use downtime productively

You can accomplish so much in your free time; staying busy can help keep up momentum and spirit. You can network through platforms like LinkedIn and attend virtual career fairs to help grow your professional contacts. Another great option would be researching online courses and developing new skills. You can also take this time to analyze if you want to continue studying and pursue a double Bachelor’s or Master's degree. If you’re looking for a professional program to help you map out your career trajectory, try participating in the Misk Career readiness program (Link to an external site)

Be prepared for your virtual interview

Following public health guidelines, most companies are conducting job interviews online. It's just like any other face to a face job interview, where the key is preparation. Make sure to test your internet connection and tech equipment beforehand. Be confident, dress to impress, and maintain a steady, responsive gaze along with a straight posture, and you are sure to ace it.


The future is uncertain, and the job market will continue to evolve in response to our dynamic, ever-changing world. Remember that the only constant is change. Maintain an open mind in order to acquire and learn skills that will help you discover new horizons and open doors to different career paths.




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