About this event

This Bootcamp will determine the importance of building an operational plan for small and medium entities, the requirements for activating the digital program, and the significance of planning for innovative and pioneering projects that help you reach your strategic goals.


Course Outline

Day 1: Introduction to the importance and concept of planning in all its forms.
Day 2: Form a group to start the practical application of the planning process, starting from building
the vision.
Day 3: Start applying the design thinking methodology to create operational and development ideas
and then move to the analysis stage and know the current status of the projects.
Day 4: Develop and transform operational goals from normal to SMART goals.
Day 5: Evaluation of the teams’ operational plans by the coach so that each group presents its operational plan.

Notable Speakers
Eng. Mazen Muhammad Abu Talib
Location Details
The City Hub

The City Hub 



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