About the Event

Without a doubt, there is a massive amount of data that has not yet been analyzed or utilized. This is where data analysis plays a crucial role in decision-making in various fields and industries. Data analysis helps us make better-informed, evidence-based decisions.

Talks Agenda:

  • How does data analysis work?
  • The importance of data analysis and its role in various fields
  • The difference between data analysis and business analysis
  • The techniques and tools used in data analysis
  • The potential benefits of using data analysis to improve operations and make strategic decisions
  • The challenges and risks associated with data analysis


The session will be uploaded onto the Misk Career Essentials Program’s platform once it has been conducted. Register here to be able to watch it and countless other similar workshops.

Mr. Ahmed Bukhamseen
Co-Founder & CEO of Quant Company
Mr. Bandar Aldowais
Presenter at The Stage – Mostaqbal Community

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