About this event

Work patterns vary depending on the sectors you may choose. Such as government, private and semi government. in addition to many unique available options,

which may be suitable to some more than others, one of which is self-employment.

In this session the audience will learn about entrepreneurship and job opportunities. Concluding with the strategic advantage it offers.

  • The concept of self-employment and entrepreneurship
  • Advantages of self-employment
  • Main obstacles for a self-employed entrepreneur
  • Strategic steps to enter the world of entrepreneurship and succeeding in it
  • What are the most promising careers and initiatives in Saudi
  • How to motivate the upcoming generation to enter the line of self-employment
This event is in partnership with
Savola World Foundation is a community development foundation, focused on specialized areas, seeking to build strategic partnerships with different sectors and to deliver developmental programs and sustainable solutions corresponding to local community requirements. In line with international development in the field of corporate foundations, at the end of 2019, Savola Group formalized the importance of sustainability and CSR by transforming Savola World from a department into a standalone private foundation called Savola World Foundation.

The speakers

founder of nawafeth for online marketing
Founder of ocean X company
Deputy president of the “made in saudi” programm

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