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Frank has built the largest Space Entrepreneurship network in the world. His team has initiated over 370 industry transfers and supported over 1200 start-ups. He promotes the Directorate of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications which has additionally supported over 1000 downstream business cases. His team supports the Industry to work with ESA, VC to connect to start-ups and help New Space companies into Orbit and on the moon. ESA Space Solutions is present in over 66 locations across Europe with partners world-wide. Passionate about the importance of human space flight and the European Space Programme, Frank believes that “a society that stops exploring stops progressing”.

In this talk, Salzgeber discusses the “race to the stars”, explaining why billionaires invest in Space and why Space is the backbone of our digital infrastructure. He explains further why the 21st Century is the decade of Space, why we should not miss out on this and why “we will all need more space”.

The speakers

Head of Innovation and Ventures Office, European Space Agency

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