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Program overview


The Misk Fellowship was designed by today's leaders for future leaders, with the aim to empower and develop the talented youth of Saudi Arabia. Since 2017, more than 150 Misk Fellows have made substantial achievements in leadership, volunteer work, creativity, and innovation in diverse disciplines worldwide.


The 6-month program offers invaluable skills for undergraduate and postgraduate Saudi students at top international universities, to empower them to become a force locally and globally.


Do you want to advance in a world that seems to be slowing down? Are you looking for the next steps in your personal and professional development? Are you willing to be the next future leader to make a positive change in the world?


If your answer is yes, then this program is for you!


The Program Journey


1. Learn

July 2021

Two-week Virtual Engagement

  • Fellowship Leadership Bootcamp
  • Launching the Misk Fellowship Competition



2. Implement

July - December 2021

Six-month Virtual Engagement

  • Personal and Career Coaching Program
  • Fellowship Competition (Execution Phase)
  • Leadership Webinars & Networking Sessions
  • Mentorship



3. Inspire

December 2021

Annual Fellowship gathering (in Saudi Arabia)

  • Fellowship Competition (judging round and closing ceremony)
  • Graduation ceremony for fellows who completed the program
  • Knowledge exchange sessions



4. Influence

Lifelong opportunities for Fellowship alumni to

  • Attend networking events
  • Volunteer in different activities and projects at Misk
  • Participate in leadership webinars and knowledge sharing sessions

For more information on this program click here. 

Starting Date

1st July 2021

Program highlights

Leadership bootcamp
Mentoring and professional development
Placement opportunities
Social impact competition
Personal development coaching
Networking events

Application criteria

  • Saudi citizenship
  • Acceptance in one of the top universities around the world (in the candidate’s major)
  • University enrollment in the last two years (Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D.)
  • Good moral and ethical character along with leadership potential
  • High sense of loyalty and passion about making a positive impact in Saudi Arabia
  • Ability to adhere to the program’s requirements and to be present at all mandatory events and activities mentioned in the program’s structure
  • Active participation in social activities and community service
  • Capability to represent Misk Foundation competently

For any questions email us at: [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

Yes, complying with the following requirements guarantees that you will receive a membership:

1-Committing to the program’s requirements and being present in all mandatory events and activities mentioned in the program.

2-Adhering to the terms and conditions of the Misk Fellowship, which can be found in the application form.

The coaching program provides monthly one-to-one personal andcareer coaching sessions.

The sessions aim to enhance Fellows’ leadership skills and maximize their potential through identifying and achieving their personal and professional goals.

No, the program does not contribute to the process of top university admission for students, as the program is intended for students in the last two years of their study at university.

No, Misk Fellowship does not provide scholarships.

Applications to join Misk Fellowship open annually.

No, it does not require specific majors to join Misk Fellowship Program.

Yes, the program targets Saudi nationals only.

Yes, the Misk Fellowship program is free.

No, the Misk Fellowship Program is intended for students in the last two years of their (Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D.) degree, regardless of the age of the applicant.

No, you cannot. Misk Fellowship targets young professionals who are about to enter the job market. The program helps develop Fellows’ skills so they can embark on their career path with confidence, efficiency, and competence. At this stage, we encourage you to be involved in research and participate in activities at the university or outside to build a great resume and increase your chances of joining the Misk Fellowship in the future.

Misk Fellowship will cover the cost for flight tickets, accommodation, and training.

The program includes various activities, some of which happen in Saudi Arabia and others will take place outside.

The Misk Fellowship program consists of four main pillars and Fellows are expected to complete the program in 6 months.

Contact Us if you still have any questions

Application Process

  • Sign up

    Sign up to Misk Hub and create your profile

  • Apply

    Select this program and click the apply button

  • Psychometric test

    Complete online psychometric test

  • Interview

    Attend a virtual one-on-one interview

Applications closed

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Skills you will gain:

Leadership Communication Problem solving Creative thinking Teamwork Conflict resolution Self-Motivation & Awareness Strategic thinking & planning Effective decision making


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