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Misk Launchpad - powered by RiseUp is a 12 week virtual program, followed by 3-4 months of post program support, for individuals with innovative ideas that have the potential to grow into a highly scalable, profitable startup company. The program is only for resilient individuals fully committed to taking their startup from a great idea to launch and grow.

The program focuses on training tech startup founders in lean startup practices while working to develop a great prototype and a scalable business model.

The program’s kill fast approach compels founders to prove their hypotheses through customer discovery and early customer traction. We accept founders who demonstrate the key traits and characteristics of entrepreneurial leadership.

The majority of founders we have worked with had the following part of their DNA:

Drive and Motivation

You're a self-starter and can motivate yourself and others to join your mission. You set high goals and have proven to achieve them. You have a vision and you work hard to make it happen. Whether you were a member of a student activity at your university , a masters grad, an employee or an executive at a company or a startup, and you have a positive attitude towards solving day to day challenges.


Experience and Skill set

That strong attribute which enables your skills and experiences to stand out from the crowd. You have deep knowledge in an area where you can form a foundation of your company's competitive advantage.


Grit and Resilience

Even when your source of energy runs low, you are able to find ways to help you refuel. You have shown resilience in times of adversity and yet remained mentally strong.


Important Dates

Applications closing Date      20/9/2021

Program starting Date          26/9/2021


Starting Date

26th September 2021

Program highlights

Intensive online training and workshops
Perks: Perks and services to help you build a product and start your business
Grant: Financial grant up to $US 8,000 for the top 50 MVPs
Mentorship: Mentorship and coaching from successful entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem professionals
Potential Investment: Access to a wide range of Angel Investors and Early Stage VCs
Access to community: Becoming a part of The Misk Alumni Community

Application criteria

• Saudi nationals or non Saudi nationals living in Saudi Arabia or non Saudi nationals who are willing to start their business in Saudi

• A tech enabled business IDEA

• You must dedicate to the program for 3 months Online (15-20 Hours Weekly)

• Proficient in both English and Arabic languages (course materials will be provided in both of English and Arabic)

• Preference for teams of 2-3 cofounders over Solo founders

Application Process

  • Sign up

    Sign up to Misk Hub and create your profile

  • Apply

    Select this program and click the apply button

  • Evaluation and Interviews
  • Application confirmation

    Successful applicants will receive an email confirming their program enrollment. We will also share more program-specific information and details about your participation.

  • Enrollment to Startup School

Applications closed

Skills you will gain:

Entrepreneurship Business development Innovation & Creativity Grit and Adaptability


About our partner(s)

RiseUp is a platform that connects startups to the most relevant resources, worldwide.

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Skills you will gain:
Business growth Communication Sales