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Tag: Leadership

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Badar Aldakhil
My journey to 2030 Leaders

Badar Aldakhil traces his leadership journey and how he has pursued his (...)

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Refining youth skills

Nouran aspires to work in the realms of astrophysics and space. Having been (...)

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How leadership has helped (...)

The impact of leadership and how the strategic direction of Vision 2030 has (...)

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The importance of Emotional (...)

Being able to connect with others in an empathetic way and manage your own (...)

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The role of civil society (...)

Here are NGOs and civil society organizations in Saudi Arabia that empower (...)

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Misk Talk Paris

Youthful conversations about their experiences and ideas inspired optimism (...)

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Misk Talk Los Angeles

Saudi Youth in Los Angeles share their ideas, stories and experiences to (...)

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Misk Talk New York

Saudi and American youth discuss and exchange their experiences to (...)