Season 1 finale

Episode 12
To conclude the inaugural Season of Anan, host Omar al Mugari reflects on all that we learned in season 1. Our remarkable speakers taught us so much, sharing insights, inspirational stories and tips on how Saudi youth can thrive personally and professionally.

Podcasts in Saudi Arabia:

The Kingdom is witnessing great momentum in the podcast industry. In recent years, the number of podcasts and podcast listeners both increased dramatically. According to a recent study, there are more than 5 million regular listeners to podcasts in the Kingdom.

A study conducted by “Rising Giants Network” under the title “Podcast Consumption in Saudi Arabia 2021” showed that 67% of podcast listeners in the Kingdom listen at least once a week, while 30% of them listen to podcasts on a daily basis, and 22% listen to podcasts three times a week.

The study showed that the listeners' ages ranged between 25 and 34 years, with a rate of 72%, followed by those between the ages of 45 and 54, with a rate of 71%

And due to the increased demand of the youth to listen to podcasts, we at the Misk Hub have chosen this medium, which we believe has a promising future, to offer young people the “Anan” podcast, through which we were keen to discuss all topics that benefit our youth, and answer all their questions so that they can choose the appropriate opportunities among all the opportunities that the Kingdom offers now.

How do you choose a job to be creative in?
In our closing episode, we chose to provide you with a summary of all the episodes, in which we hosted a group of experts in all fields to talk about topics of interest to all young people, including how to choose the work that suits you.

In order for a person to choose the appropriate job, he needs to first realize his personality traits, because each of us has certain personal characteristics that make him creative somewhere, and the work that suits one person does not necessarily suit the other and vice versa.

Success at work is not limited to developing practical skills only, but it is also important for a person to possess emotional intelligence that enables him to understand and deal with his feelings and the feelings of others, in addition to the ability to control his emotions, which affects his productivity and the productivity of those around him.

How do you see life after graduation?
And between reality and exaggerated expectations, young people need to have some flexibility that enables them to experience work in fields other than their majors, in order to learn and gain experience, because many of their misconceptions and false expectations about the labor market change and are corrected after experience. Being away from the market gives the student inaccurate expectations, he must try and fight and try and make mistakes as well, otherwise how does he expect to be employed once he graduates.

Third sector opportunities
With the increasing awareness of young people about the role that they must play for the benefit of society, we had to talk specifically about the third sector, which is made up of non-profit institutions. It is about success and volunteering at the same time, and this sector also offers rewarding career opportunities for young people.

Work environment change
Just as young people need to experience several jobs in order to finally settle on the profession that suits them, they also need to understand the work environment that suits them.

It is clear that work environments have changed a lot after Vision 2030, and government agencies and their employees are competing with private companies, with their ideas, competencies and development, but in the end there is no one hundred percent ideal work environment, just as there is no such thing as a positive or negative work environment, but rather A work environment that suits everyone.

Flexible working advantages
Many work environments offer an important advantage to their employees, which is the advantage of flexible work, which is a system that began on a regular basis in the Kingdom in 2020, and enables young people to work in an hour system with a short-term contractual relationship, and allows them to work in a flexible and smooth work schedule according to the agreement between them and the company.

Training and part-time work also provides a great advantage for young people at university and even before university, which is represented in acquiring personal skills, such as social intelligence, through dealing with people and direct experience, away from academic study.

It is important for young people to try to follow the people they see as role models for them, even if they are far from them, as social networks have facilitated this matter a lot. For example, if a young fellow’s specialty is finance, it’s important for him to follow people specialized in finance, to learn more about his specialty.

leave a sustainable impact
Young people are now realizing the importance of not being satisfied with a career that only brings them income, but a job that makes them leave their own mark, so we dedicated one of our season's episodes to talking about the importance of leaving a sustainable impact.

The Kingdom's youth do not lack motivation or skills, but they face a major challenge represented in moving from the planning stage to implementation, a challenge that they need to overcome in order to leave a sustainable impact.

The basis of the gap between planning and implementation is the absence of strategic thinking among young people, because they believe that thinking, strategic planning, and others are special skills for leaders, and they should be learned after the age of forty.

Youth and the adaptation of artificial intelligence
In light of the great technological development that the world is experiencing, artificial intelligence may be an obsession among young people and they may fear that it will replace humans in the labor market. In fact, artificial intelligence may eliminate some routine jobs, but in return the focus will be on the creative and possible jobs of the system.

After adopting the 2030 vision of artificial intelligence as a basic strategy, there are many jobs centered around “data”, such as data expert, machine learning engineer, and data protection specialist.

Qualities of a skillful leader
It is no secret that the great efforts made by our leadership to push every young man to be a leader, and it is not necessary that a person is born a natural leader, for leadership is like any other thing, a person can acquire it, and he can also lose his skills if he does not practice them or work on their development.

Young people can learn leadership skills through training courses, videos, and books. It is also important for young people to take the initiative to assume a leadership role. Leadership is not limited to assuming a specific position. Rather, it is possible for young people to develop their sense of leadership by leading a volunteer team, because work is in the social and charitable fields. It is available to all, and therefore anyone can test their leadership capabilities through it.

How to formulate your project idea
With all the opportunities that the Kingdom offers to its youth now, it has become easy for every young man to be the leader of his own project, but how do young people formulate their ideas and how do they launch successful projects?

In fact, the success of a project does not only depend on having a good idea, but there are many other factors required for the success of any project, including financing.

Among the many sources of financing available to young people that they can benefit from at the beginning of their lives: the savings of the entrepreneur himself, his family and friends, and angel investors, in addition to an important support tool that all young entrepreneurs can benefit from, which is business accelerators.

To leave an impact and win together
With the increasing awareness of young people about societal issues, the concept of "social investment" has increased, enabling them to invest their money and efforts in a profitable project, and contribute to leaving a significant and sustainable impact on society at the same time.

Young people can enter this field through two paths, the first is that they have sufficient capital to invest in social entrepreneurship projects.

The second is for young people to build an innovative and sustainable solution to a specific social challenge. The magic recipe for success in this field lies in the young man being very passionate about understanding and solving the problem, and for it to be his main obsession that he seeks all the time to find a solution to it.

Be a global citizen
It is very clear that the Kingdom not only targets its borders, but also wants its youth to extend their impact beyond its borders and to be global citizens who contribute to solving global problems and leaving a global impact.

All young Saudis are considered global citizens, because their strong presence in the digital world has made them open to the world, aware of what is happening around them, and aware of their place.

It is important for young people to prepare themselves well to represent Saudi Arabia in international forums, because their presence in these places is a great responsibility, and preparation is by searching and possessing correct information, and having the intention to help solve global challenges.

Anan joins Misk Tour
And because it ended well, we chose to conclude our first season with a number of tours around the Kingdom, including Jeddah, Dammam and Medina, during which we met with influential youth and leaders. They told us more about their vision of the opportunities now available in the Kingdom for youth in light of Vision 2030, the level of education, entrepreneurship, and the empowerment of Saudi women.

Anan features Saudi experts to answer youth’s questions from various fields and industries of interest. Each episode will provide advice and experience-sharing to help you shape your future.

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