Fostering Youth Focused NPOs
Raising awareness around community initiatives, Mubadraat’s goal is to take budding initiatives from unorganized efforts to institutional entities that serve the community in a sustainable manner.

Any initiative - whatever its goal - embarks on a unique journey of its own, starting with the idea and passing through various stages until the day it launches. Many individuals face difficulty in directing their initiatives and moving forward on this journey, hence the idea behind Mubadraat, an organization that was created to provide an integrated journey for visionary youth, from exploring their strengths and interests, to coming up with an idea, to the creation and launch of the initiative. With this goal, Mubadraat was founded in 2015 by a group of ambitious Saudi youth who believe in their ability to lead change.


Ahmed Amran, Project Manager at Mubadraat, emphasized the importance of clarity of purpose, explaining that the most foundational piece behind the formation, success, and sustainability of any initiative is the purpose for which it was created. He added that many initiatives face difficulty due to loss of purpose and lack of vision. Based on this understanding, Mubadraat works to support the launch of initiatives by providing the youth with the necessary skills to do so.


He also added that whoever wishes to establish a non-profit initiative must find their motivation in the service of their religion, country, and society. In addition, that administrative work must be organized from the beginning to ensure the efficiency and sustainability of the initiative. Summarizing that when purpose, vision, motivation, and organizational structure all align, an initiative is sure to thrive. 


Omar Al-Ayyoubi, Director of Corporate Communications, touched on the main objectives of Mubadraat, which are to raise awareness around community initiatives, to take them from unorganized efforts to institutional, official entities that serve the community in a sustainable manner, and to create an advanced database that serves those interested in the field and highlights the leading efforts within it.


The organization offers a range of programs, the most prominent of which is the Civic Youth Program, which consists of three phases, starting with self-awareness, followed by understanding the structural characteristics of society, leading to the creation and launching of community youth initiatives. Another program offered by Mubadraat is the Hekaya program, which monitors international civic initiatives and brings the best of them to the Saudi community after studying the optimal way to introduce said initiatives. In addition to these programs, there is the Mubader platform; a special platform for youth efforts in community initiatives, through which young leaders can launch their initiative, attract their work team, communicate with various parties, and complete all official forms required to establish an initiative. Furthermore, the Caravan Youth Program was recently launched in collaboration with several entities, through which various trips to destinations outside of Riyadh have been organized, with the purpose of fostering relationships between visionary youth so that they may collaborate and benefit from each other’s experiences.  


Individuals can benefit from what the organization has to offer by joining one of their programs or volunteering to be part of the organization's work team, thus obtaining practical experience around work in the non-profit sector. 


Ali Al-Qahtani, Project Manager in Mubadraat, also added that he hopes that young people with ideas would take their ideas seriously, as all great initiatives start small and grow and expand with time. Additionally, he affirmed that the ultimate goal behind Mubadraat is to empower and develop sustainable and impactful youth initiatives by providing all the tools necessary for setting up these initiatives for success.



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