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Writing was among the school subjects in which I excelled. The texts I wrote were usually highly admired and praised by the teacher, as my work reflected a special interest and an advanced level of writing. I worked to master the language, beautify the text, and dig deeper into an idea (of course, at a level commensurate with my limited and brief experience as a child): Choosing the idea, formulating and planning phrases and paragraphs, embellishing my text with proper punctuation, and editing language and grammar.
This passion for writing and the eternal relationship between pen and paper took me to advanced stages. The white paper I hold is a mirror through which I can reflect myself to the world if I master engraving it with precise letters, eloquent words, and thoughtful formulations!

This may be the root of my beginning in the freelancing world, which evolved into blogging in the world of social media, in addition to a successful experience in press editing for several years. Some of my experiences were linked while others were not. But, in general, this field of work maintained and developed my skill through practice, leading to the outpour of freelance work opportunities, mainly online. It is considered the start of a different stage of honing in on the hobby to achieve a good source of income, in addition to professional development in a prosperous field full of opportunities.

I practiced freelance work by writing content. A simple online search for content writing on any professional platform generates endless results of full-time, part-time, contract, and self-employment - freelance job opportunities. My experience in this field made me move between tasks: writing, editing, modifying, paraphrasing, proofreading, and spell checking, and with various fields, press materials, literary stories, texts from books and articles, website content, profiles, social media accounts, and latest business needs.

I joined many Misk initiatives since 2018, all of which had an impact on my career. Among these programs:

Misk - Udacity programs (Digital Marketing + Business Analytics + Predictive Analytics),

Misk Future Path Program,

Misk - General Assembly (Digital Marketing) Program,

Misk - Bloomberg Financial Journalism Program, Bloomberg Headquarters in Dubai.

Misk - Coursera programs (6 Sigma skills + Leadership in the Modern Era),

Future Seekers Program.

I also attended Misk Global Forum in-person for two years in a row and a virtual version of the forum in the third year, in addition to other events such as Hakaya Misk, in addition to my connection through the Udacity platform with the Misk - Udacity programs as an education supervisor for Misk Academy students in the digital marketing course since 2018 until now.


In the Kingdom, there is a will among the highest levels of decision-makers in the field of business, jobs, and professional development to support free labor market, and a conviction of the extent of possible successes in this field. Self-employment has become very flexible and rewarding especially with the development of digital infrastructures, which evolved into a work platform where the freelancer meets with the beneficiary to complete work and projects. Yes, and quite certainly, self-employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a bright future, and support programs are endless (such as the Bahr platform for freelancers affiliated to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and development funding to support self-employment projects provided by the Social Development Bank). I have no doubt that the future is promising for many of these pro-active initiatives, which aim to enable young people to invest their talents, hobbies, and even their time to achieve a rewarding financial income while building a successful career from an early age. I would certainly advise entering the field of self-employment, even to earn additional income alongside another main source of income. And the earlier one enters into the field of self-employment, the more profound and solid his experience would be, and the longer the skill will need to mature, refine, excel, and practice.


With the spread of freelancing, and the approval of a large segment of beneficiaries (individuals and entities) who benefit from the skills of freelancers in their projects, and the availability of several virtual platforms for those looking for opportunities and projects, it has become a matter of procrastination to wait for several months to find a job without trying to utilize the available resources and create a project within the field of freelancing. Time in itself is a resource that must be exploited and invested in, as well as skills, hobbies, and talents, whereas many freelance projects do not require financial capital to enter this world and invest in.

The best value that self-employment adds to a freelancer is that the name of a freelancer thrives through continuity, professionalism, and a variety of outstanding works to become a brand. The freelancer’s name that holds many meanings, values, and professional and skillful reputation becomes a mine that always provides its owner with creative opportunities.

Is it without difficulties? Not at all. Like any commercial, professional, and investment activity, there are advantages, gains, and benefits, including obligations and possible difficulties. In addition to the skill that the freelancer invests in, he will need other skills that put him on track and set him on the right path.

For example, managing time between your formal job and freelancing (when combined) to complete projects on time, balancing the number of projects handled by the freelancer without excessiveness that hinders proficiency, quality, and punctuality, and setting the correct price which would not underestimate the price of the service and would not exaggerate it, as well as would not cause a loss of opportunity.

Negotiating and communicating with beneficiaries, in addition to marketing, brand building, awareness of customer experience, and high-quality work, as well as positively handling the beneficiary’s feedback, accepting criticism, and improving, are all basic pillars that guarantee the freelancer’s success in his project and a prosperous career.

In my training courses and even in cordial conversations with friends and colleagues, I've always repeated that whoever does not identify in himself a certain skill to invest in the field of self-employment must visit all online freelance platforms and check skills listed by other freelancers and requested services. When you review the marketplace, you can identify how you can position yourself as a service provider. Experiences, offers, and projects may suggest what you can offer now or what you can at least learn and then master to become an independent service provider. Almost all skills, hobbies, talents, and trades, whether technical and non-technical, can be a source for self-employment.

I encourage everyone to start early - as early as possible - to establish any project in the field of freelancing and to build a complete profile of accumulated projects and experiences. Since a reputation in this line of work - like any investment project - is built over time, with patience, and constant dedication (in order reap the benefits, in God’s will).




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