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In order to be able to take the first and most important steps in any educational journey, you must do your best to be fully prepared to face the opportunities and challenges that this experience will bring you.

There are several decisions you need to make once you embark into the real world after graduating high school and one of the most important steps is to enroll in a university that matches your ambitions and dreams. It’s worth noting that there currently is a great trend of students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enrolling in prestigious universities all over the world. According to the latest figures published by the Ministry of Education’s Agency for Scholarship Affairs, there were a total of 92,997 scholarships awarded during 1442 AH and this number clearly reflects Saudi students' interest in pursuing higher education abroad.  


Now, the questions are: what would enable you to enroll in a university that matches your aspirations? Which tools would enhance your eligibility to be selected by a reputable university? And what would increase your chances of realizing your ambitions?


Preparing to enroll in your dream university is essential, since you need to put all your effort into developing yourself in various ways to maximize your chances of getting accepted in the university of your choice. The discussion panel organized by Misk, Empowering the Youth of the Future: Foundations for Facing Challenges, addressed many topics regarding the university admission process. 


In the discussion panel, Mr. Abdullah Al-Asousi, Founder and CEO of Capstone, touched upon the criteria  considered by universities in the student selection process, as well as how this process has been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Mohammed Al-Zaid from Misk Foundation presented the programs offered by Misk that support young people to enroll in the best universities and prepare them for the job market. He also stressed the importance for students to acquire skills and knowledge in order for them to succeed. Ms. Najla Kateb also shared her personal experience and talked about the benefits the Misk Program brought to her son, Muhammad, when it came to behavioral and skills development. She was followed by student Faisal Al-Bazaiwi, a University of California, Berkely alumni, who shared his experience in the Misk program and the impact it had on his university experience.

What do you need to know to prepare yourself for a successful university experience? And how can you ensure that you have a better chance of joining a prestigious university? Here are three main points to consider: 


Knowledge development

One of the most fundamental steps towards a prestigious university admission - one that would help you make the most out of your learning journey - is to try and acquire as much knowledge as you can, in as many fields as you can. This is what your pre-university education aims to do. Throughout primary and secondary school, you receive education in the fields of mathematics, science, arts and literature, and you acquire languages. That knowledge is ultimately put to the test through internationally recognized aptitude tests, which are essential for applying to all top universities around the world.

Knowledge acquisition, however, is not limited to the school curriculum. Following your curiosity outside school, whether through reading or extracurricular activities, is a sure way to enhance your prospects. 

Skills development

Get ready for the next stage of your life by honing your existing skills and acquiring new ones. Proper writing, the ability to solve math problems, and being able to understand and apply scientific theories are some of the basic skills you want to build.

Life skills are also important, as they develop your character and set you up on the path of becoming a productive, self-reliant individual. These include: time management and prioritization skills, communication and relationship skills, cooperation and teamwork skills, goal-setting and decision-making, as well as analytical skills. 

Character development

The experience of going to university has deeper reaching effects than simply one’s career prospects or education. It’s an experience that forms worldview, builds character, and shapes behavior. Therefore, your character and behavior are important points of consideration when it comes to your application and admission. Not only that, but they also affect the extent to which you benefit from your time as a university student. To be mature, responsible, and able to self-motivate are some of the most important traits to possess. A level of familiarity with social etiquette that enables you to deal with other individuals properly is also integral. 

Students are different from each other - they differ in their opportunities, the educational systems in which they studied, and the communities in which they grew up. Luckily, some entities have taken upon themselves the task of preparing students for the journey ahead by developing comprehensive programs that provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to kickstart their university careers.

One of the most renowned of these programs, one which has been meticulously prepared to fulfill all student needs, is the Distinctive College Prep Program by the Misk, which centers around honing leadership skills and expanding the network of graduates to obtain the best employment opportunities. The program focuses on preparing students to join prestigious international universities and increasing their chances of admission. The program also provides guidance on admission tests, self-development training, as well as summer activities. Through a practical and realistic framework, such programs make sure that students are optimally prepared for all aspects of the university experience. 


Your ambitions and dreams are dependent on a handful of decisions you make - decisions that shape your chances in life and determine your opportunities. Before making those decisions, make sure you are armed for the exciting journey ahead.