The role of civil society organizations and the non-profit sector in empowering youth

The non-profit sector empowering the youth
Here are NGOs and civil society organizations in Saudi Arabia that empower youth by encouraging confidence, leadership, and other essential life skills that will allow them to flourish as members of the Saudi community.

According to the Saudi Youth in Numbers report, 37% of the Saudi population is under 25. This entails that the youth will play a more significant role in undertaking the paths set by Vision 2030 and inheriting the future it’s attempting to build. They, the Gen Z, will be at the helm of creating and maintaining a thriving, vibrant society. The question is, how do you get them interested in actually being part of it?

One of the many ways is by starting them young by developing their sense of civic responsibility, involvement, and interconnectedness. Recognizing this, the Kingdom has set up a vast number of opportunities to equip the upcoming generation with the necessary skills and motivation to become active participants in their communities one day. In doing so, they also stimulate an interest in these young adults to become better involved in shaping civil society. 


The National Transformation Program has activated several initiatives through different ministries like healthcare, transport, labor, environment agriculture and more. The projects geared towards the youth range from making the nonprofit sector a more lucrative employment domain to running volunteering, training, and support programs. 


With this plethora of opportunities, it’s up to you to choose how you can be more involved and make the most of the options before you:


Encouraging the development of soft skills and community activities

Certain non-profit organizations provide you with opportunities  to participate in communal activities, engage with people from all walks of life, and learn from the great outdoors. Hence, apart from being a civic group they become avenues to push your life in a positive direction holistically; from improving your physical wellbeing, impacting your mental health, and instilling values of empathy and teamwork.


Certain civic organizations like the Saudi Arabian Boy Scouts, target your holistic growth, and encourage you to purposefully socialize, engage with your community, all the while gaining soft-skills and improving your quality of life. 


Scouting is a great way to participate in activities that develop physical, intellectual, social, and emotional skills and encourage participation in various outdoor activities, local and international. These activities help develop soft skills, including self-confidence and leadership.  


Leadership in and out of the workplace 

Venturing out into the real world after finishing your studies can be somewhat daunting. Post-graduation anxiety is an issue many graduates face due to all the overwhelming options and the fear of the unknown. Entering into this new environment can make it harder to take the initiative and establish yourself as a leader.

Luckily, many organizations and programs can help prepare and guide you towards empowerment in both the office and your personal lives and guide you towards becoming a leader in any field. 


Some of these organizations include the Tamheer Program, which offers on-the-job training for young graduates, which helps gain the expertise and skills required to excel in the workplace. In alignment with the 2030 vision, these organizations aim to instill creative planning and innovation in all those who participate. 


Consider Misk’s NextGen bootcamp to help you build your leadership skills. 


Becoming Part of Youth Groups or Starting Your Own

Giving back is of great importance and can be a large part of what makes you an exceptional adult. Taking time out of your regular lives to volunteer or get behind a cause is a great way to give back to your community. Besides building character, it can also help you learn specific skills you may not have taught in school. Skills such as work ethic and gaining confidence. 


There are many opportunities to join various community groups or clubs in Saudi Arabia, which you can pick and choose depending on your interests. Depending on what you’re passionate about, you can enlist to help out at the Riyadh Animal Rescue & Shelter, Saudi ADHD Society, Joy of Youth, and many more. 


Another option is taking the initiative and getting together with some like-minded peers to start your volunteering group. You can do this by simply setting tasks with a goal in your mind, such as recycling or even animal welfare assistance. 


By partaking in activities that foster self-improvement goals such as grassroots leadership and community engagement, you can not only become more empowered to become active members of the community, but you will also begin to take the lead in many areas of your lives, be it personal or professional. 


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