Easy and innovative ways to volunteer in your community

Creative ways to give back to your community
Volunteering is an amazing personal achievement that can improve your societal values and actually boost your life satisfaction, according to research. Here are some interesting and creative ways to give back to your community.


Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community. But how you do it is based on your personality, your skill set, and the needs of the people around you, at home or in the workplace. 

Here we’ve detailed some interesting ways for you to give back, whether you’re a university student or a professional:

Volunteer in a new industry

The National Volunteer Platform offers many opportunities in a range of fields, such as legal, technical, health, entertainment, and many more. The platform also allows you to document your volunteer hours, and once your role is complete, you’ll get a certificate that confirms your efforts.

Offer career guidance

If you have experience and knowledge in an industry, share it. It’s easy to forget how daunting it can be for new graduates to enter the job market, and your experience could prove invaluable to someone. The number of people who need career guidance would probably surprise you, so although many resources are available online, a conversation is undoubtedly more motivating and gives people a more realistic idea of ​​what to expect once they enter the employment market. 

Volunteer at a university

Discover the educational and recreational societies at your university and look to join them. You’ll build relationships with your classmates as well as learn lessons about teamwork outside of the student environment. Many of these societies need volunteers to help provide their services, and one of the best examples of this is the Writing Center at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University, which focuses on providing workshops and one-on-one sessions to improve students’ skills in academic writing and research writing. These workshops are offered by both faculty members and experienced students.

Donate books you don’t need

The cost of textbooks can be expensive, and buying them can be a challenge for some students. So, once you’ve finished with your textbooks, why not donate them. In this way, you will help someone else complete their education. You could also arrange a book donation event and advertise it among your colleagues or classmates or deliver books to used book centers and libraries in your city.

Offer courses in what you’re good at

If you have experience in a field such as graphic design or public speaking, you can help your colleagues or friends to develop their skills by offering simple courses. If you are a university student, you could also offer educational workshops on the private PALs club, which is based in the Faculty of Languages ​​at Princess Nourah University. The club provides an opportunity for female students to give lessons to help their classmates at times that suit their study schedules.

Donate to foreign relief projects

The Saudi Portal for External Volunteering offers various relief projects outside of the Kingdom. The projects range from educational and training programs to medical campaigns, humanitarian media opportunities, and more. You can visit the site and browse for volunteer opportunities, then choose the appropriate projects for you based on your experience and skill set.

Take part in afforestation campaigns

Afforestation campaigns aim to establish more green areas and combat desertification and are a large part of The Kingdom's 2030 Vision. The Vision famously aims to achieve greater sustainability in Saudi and combat climate change globally. You can learn about afforestation campaigns across the country by visiting the official Saudi Green initiative website and offering to volunteer by visiting the Government volunteering platform.

The benefits of volunteering are not limited to the skills you can provide to your community. It also helps to develop your personal skills in social and practical ways. When you extend a helping hand to anyone around you, you will see your community from a different angle, helping you see the challenges others face more clearly. Finally, remember that the success of the individual is the success of his community.


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