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There are many specialized sectors that have the potential to grow immensely if there’s a dedicated effort to better connect and develop the talents within them. With this belief in mind, the journey of the Young Legal Leaders Initiative began. The initiative brought together Shahad AlAhmadi, Hind Alghamdi, Ahmed Alansari, Sultan Alamr, Abdullah Alhamad, Hassan Alsaif, and Basil Althunyan under the mission to develop the legal sector and empower the young men and women working in the field.




Founded in 2020 by Hassan Alsaif and Basil Althunyan, Young Legal Leaders serves to bridge the gap between the employment needs of the legal sector and the capabilities and skills of the youth in this specialization. The initiative aims to link their target group of Sharia and law graduates with organizations that are looking to employ young legal professionals.


The initiative studies and analyzes the needs of final year students and recent graduates in the field of Sharia and law to provide programs that improve their skills and increase their opportunities to find the right job, as well as researching what organizations are looking for in new hires in order to better equip graduates and successfully match them with future employers. A summary of Young Legal Leader’s goal would be that they work to empower young legal professionals so that they are qualified to lead legal departments and law firms in the Kingdom.


Basil Althunyan added that he had joined many leadership development programs in the past, and felt a shortage in the legal sector, which is in dire need of specialized leaders. From this realization, a plan was drawn up to develop young legal leaders. The initiative’s programs are focused on training, qualification, guidance, self-development, and professional development. The initiative was also keen to establish these programs under the supervision of senior executives in the legal sector, as the Kingdom is full of distinguished leaders and ambitious youth who are looking for organizations seeking to employ their capabilities.


A key characteristic of the initiative is that it is specialized in the field of law and Sharia, which enables it to better understand the needs and opportunities of this sector. Through this lens, they are able to provide an optimal service to their stakeholders by determining what needs to be fulfilled by lawyers, trainees, and consultants. 


Shahad AlAhmadi added that joining the Young Legal Leaders Program can be done by submitting a CV on the initiative's official website. There is an initial screening of applicants followed by personal interviews so that suitable candidates are accepted. After that, the accepted applicants receive intensive training that qualifies them professionally through six stages. It starts with the interview stage, then training and counseling, followed by shadowing important legal leaders in the sector, followed by job market preparation, and it ends with matching distinguished legal organizations with graduates of the program.


One of the most important challenges facing the initiative is to maintain its distinctive added value and its specialization in the legal sector. Shahad's advice to those interested in joining the non-profit sector is to believe in the purpose of their initiative and strive to achieve its goals. She also advised Sharia and law graduates to enroll in the Young Legal Leaders Program for its potential to be a turning point in their careers.


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