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A society does itself a great service by investing in its youth. This is the belief that inspired the foundation of Qader, a non-profit organization with a focus on youth self-development. The organization was established in Riyadh in 1440 AH (2018) by a group of experts and enthusiasts with the aim of supporting the growth of Saudi youth in all fields of life. In addition to training professionals who work with this age group, they are also raising awareness about self-development, and conducting and publishing research within the field.


The Qader team consists of the following members: Sultan bin Saad Abu Sabaa, Majed Abdullah Al-Aoun, Abdulaziz Zaid Al Areej, Abdulaziz bin Youssef Al-Alayan, Ahmed bin Suleiman Al-Ammar, Sami bin Suleiman Al-Ammar, Ayed Bad Al-Qahtani, and Abdulmalik Abdullah Al-Zuhair.


The organization works towards its mission of empowering youth by offering skill development programs that support their academic, professional, social, intellectual, and physical growth so that they may become productive members of society. These programs are available for individuals from the ages of 15 to 35 years old.


A distinguishing feature of Qader as a non-profit is its team of experts and enthusiasts who are dedicated to serving the youth of their community. During the pandemic, the organization started offering its programs online, more information on which can be accessed through the organization’s website and various social media platforms.


One of the organization’s most notable programs is "Shabab Ahalina" (Youth of our families), which targets the youth of underprivileged families in collaboration with different entities. The program equips these young individuals with skills that improve their chances in the job market such as digital literacy, effective communication, CV writing, and budgeting.


As for achievements, the organization prides itself in having trained over 50 professional youth workers in collaboration with King Saud University. These professionals were trained in the guidelines of working with youth, learned cutting edge education strategies, and received education around organizing and supporting youth-led initiatives. The organization also boasts having reached over a 1000 young people through their programs with the aim of empowering them on their paths towards their dream careers. 


As for the most prominent challenges facing the organization, Abdel Aziz Al-Araj, Corporate and Volunteering Specialist at Qader, mentioned that these can be summarized in the limitation of funding, as this factor reduces the organization's ability to attract experts and provide services effectively to the beneficiaries whom the organization was established to serve.


Finally, the Qader team had the following pieces of advice to share with those intending to establish a non-profit organization:

First, form a team that is passionate about the field in which your organization specializes.

Second, be patient and move forward with small steps without rushing towards your end goal.

Third, develop a clear and solid plan that would help you reach your goal and achieve the success you aspire to.


Ultimately, Qader aspires to be a home for ambitious, passionate youth who are proud of their cultural identity. It also plans to launch the “Qader Model” in cooperation with various institutions and authorities, hoping through it to facilitate the organization’s goal of transferring young people from consumers into producers.



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