Life after graduation

Episode Two
Post-graduation concerns are normal. These exaggerated perceptions wear off once graduates successfully integrate into the labor market." This is how Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Tuwaijri, Recruitment and Career Development Consultant, started the conversation. He gave graduates words of reassurance about post-graduation life, professional orientation, and continuous planning for the future.

In America, 72% of employees work in jobs that have nothing to do with their majors! Our guest, Mr. Abdulaziz Altuwayjiri, recruitment & career development consultant, kicked off the episode with this surprising data point. We can say that the professional obsessions that we have after graduation are normal and experienced by the majority of new workers.
Life after graduation, with its opportunities, and challenges, is a crucial stage in a person's life. In this episode we talk about how to better navigate that stage and make the right decisions.
We also talk about discovering your passion and changing specializations and shed light on continuous career planning and the need to identify future work trends as early as possible to better leverage them.

Some believe that the best way to eliminate fears is to confront them. Our guest recommends going into the labor market, without hesitation. What if you asked your high-ranking acquaintances to hire you and they didn't? What if you shared your professional qualification with them, and they suggested more than one job? These two cases are a brief summary of the difference between “intermediaries” and the “fruitful professional relationships” that we talked about in this episode. The past few years have been unprecedented in terms of professional development opportunities, as Mr. Al-Tuwaijri confirms in this episode. Upskilling through the right programs and courses can help you take leaps in your career, and facilitate your access to success.

Anan features Saudi experts to answer youth’s questions from various fields and industries of interest. Each episode will provide advice and experience-sharing to help you shape your future.

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