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Seasonal jobs are a perfect way to gain experience, diversify your skill set and build your resume, without it interfering with your studies. 

With Riyadh Season set to generate 46,000 seasonal jobs for Saudis, further developments in NEOM, the Red Sea Film Festival and more, and so much happening across the country, there’s ample opportunity for the Saudi youth to gain seasonal employment across a diverse mix of industries.


But, getting seasonal work is not just about a paycheck, filling your time or padding out your resume. It’s about those jobs that can set you up for the future; building soft skills that make you more desirable for any future employer; and gaining life experiences that will help you determine what you like, don’t like, and what you may find you excel in. 


So, first, how do you go about getting a seasonal job? 

Start early. The most important factor to getting hired is starting your job search as early as possible. Employers typically look to hire early fall for the end of year. However, regardless of the season, the earlier you apply, the more job options you’ll have, and the easier you’ll likely find it to get hired. Do consider that big events begin planning sometimes a year ahead of time, so it’s never too early to make contact with a potential employer.


Use the internet, you are only a couple of clicks away from your dream seasonal job. Start your search with companies specific to the Saudi season, such as Matloob, or search for openings via Linkedin. Job search engines are also an excellent way to find seasonal job listings, search by keywords like "seasonal," "seasonal holiday," "seasonal retail," "seasonal event," or simply search the role you’re interested in, and make contact via their website or social media channels.


Choosing your seasonal job

It’s not always about the type of job you get, whether it's warehouse work, event management or a barista. For your resume, it’s the soft skills that you can acquire that matters. 

Wanting to be the next Saudi filmmaker? Head to the Jeddah Red Sea film festival. You may not get a full access job to the event, but being exposed to the people and the atmosphere could inspire you in so many ways. 

Becoming a barista is not just about being able to make the best latte; it's about customer service. Being able to speak to people, dealing with conflict and being fast on your feet are skills you’ll benefit from long-term. Working at events is not just about standing around and checking wristbands, it’s about communication and understanding how to work as part of a wider team. 


The benefits of seasonal employment

Seasonal jobs should be considered as your first step on the career ladder; giving you a fantastic snapshot of different industries in a short space of time.

You can fill your resume with a variety of work experience roles, putting you in a strong position to gain full-time employment with that company in the future. 

Not only that, you’ll meet new people, giving you an opportunity to make contacts in the field of industry you’re interested in. You never know where these contacts may lead you! 

As we slowly recover from the aftermath of the pandemic, Saudi youth has the opportunity to gain new experience across a mix of exciting industries. So, remember, a seasonal job is never time wasted. Even if the role is not what you expected, even if it’s not as exciting as you hoped, seasonal roles build character and offer invaluable experiences that you simply don’t find in a textbook.