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Did you know that an excellent script is the key to the success of any movie or TV show? And that the screenwriting process can help you develop both your professional and personal skills? Through this process you can learn the different steps involved in screenwriting and how to bring a creative concept to life for a local and global audience. From highlighting a local Saudi story to bringing attention to a certain local Saudi cause you feel strongly about, screenwriting can cover any topic and genre.

The craft of screenwriting can be complicated as it has many different elements to it. The first question to ask is of course, what is screenwriting? Screenwriting is the medium for writing a screenplay and is the ultimate blueprint for the entire story and its characters before it comes to life on screen. Unlike poems, novels, essays and any other form of writing, screenwriting is a completely different style, process and format. Screenwriting is used for different types of media including feature films, television shows, video games and web series. It’s the key starting point for all these productions that currently have a high demand in the country. 


By delving into the profession of screenwriting, you’ll discover the different components of the creative process and in the end be ready to confidently present a successful pitch in any of the different film genres. Screenwriting is more than just jotting down an idea, it requires a structured skill set that includes learning about genre, design, characterization and much more. From the techniques to the terminology, there are courses that provide a complete insight into what it takes to be a visionary screenwriter. 

Professionally trained screenwriting can help elevate the local Saudi film industry to a more competitive level. The Saudi Vision 2030 reform plans are focusing on developing the media industry, and screenwriters have a bright future ahead of them in the Kingdom. 

So what are the advantages of screenwriting? Here are the most important personal and professional factors:

Ability to generate and pitch story ideas

The first tool you’ll learn is how to generate a clear and original idea that can eventually be developed into a complete script which can be executed successfully. The story should be realistic and be able to engage the audience from start to finish. It must be presented in a manner that the different players including the director, producer, set designers and actors can understand it and execute it according to the writer’s vision. In order to successfully pitch the story idea, it must be clear and concise but also gripping and exciting.

Experience every step of the writing (and rewriting) process

Screenwriting has a visual element to it and a strong script requires writing down each action, movement, expression, and dialogue of every character involved. Apart from the detailed character actions, the scene settings throughout the script are also just as important. The structural framework is broken into a step-by-step building block for the story to be complete.

Practice moderating discussions and delivering honest feedback

The execution of a successful script is a collaborative process that involves writers, director, producer, actors, and others. Participating in creative discussions to make the story more realistic and engaging is another aspect of screenwriting. Wholesome discussions and relevant feedback are an important factor in the creative process. Being able to learn the art of engaging in constructive and genuine discussions with all the key players ultimately helps in making a stronger script. 

Gain an understanding of different film genres

Scripts are written for different types of genres and each one follows a specific technical format and structured criteria. There is a design and formula that must be followed to execute the vision and help bring the story to life. The different elements of each film genre and its conventions are an important lesson that need to be professionally learnt. 

The media industry in the Kingdom is flourishing and growing rapidly under the Saudi Vision 2030, and this is the ideal time for local Saudi talent to pursue their dreams in local content creation. As brands like Netflix are announcing deals to buy Saudi content and investing in local productions, the future of the media industry is looking bright. Misk’s screenwriting program can help you in achieving your dream of storytelling and could be the next big win at the Red Sea International Film Festival.