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Do you worry about decision making regarding your education and career path? It is quite expected.

Young people often feel trapped or unable to explore their skills and develop it the best way possible. Research indicates that individuals change their career path at least 3 times in their life, meaning that a long period of a young person’s life is filled with confusion.


Career guidance programs are essential for young people, it provides them with an opportunity to discover completely new fields, helping them save time lost in moving between educational or professional fields.

Since Young people are the backbone of the nation and the biggest investment for our country, Misk Foundation in cooperation with Savola World, has developed a program that helps young people choose the suitable educational and professional path.


Discover your path program

Discover your path program is your guide to discover your self, abilities and your inclinations, which allows for better career decision making.

The program contains 4 journeys designed for students, 2 for students' families and one for the teachers. 

This program gives its students a unique learning experience, some of its features:
  • Interactive, highly customizable content. That target’s every group's needs.
  • Gamified Learning experience.
  • Self based learning where each learner can build their own schedule.
  • Learning groups for students to share their experience and knowledge.
  • Supports sign language.


Program Numbers:
  • More than 49000 students across the kingdom.
  • More than 40,000 learning hours


The students experience:

The teacher, Wafaa Al-Enezi, shared her opinion about the role of the program in the lives of students, stating that it is very important and helps students determine their own path.

As for the students, "The program is not like any other program, but it is a gateway to another world of information," wrote Hajar Al-Jedaie, a student in the Discover Your Path program.

Her colleague Sadeem Al-Ruwais confirms that the rich information in the program is enough to motivate male and female students to keep pace with the requirements of the labor market, and to develop and enrich the experiences and skills of male and female students. Yara Al-Suleiman says, "The program helped me learn about my tendencies, and what I want to be."

Aseel Al Yafei says about her experience in the program, "This program makes you know yourself and discover your tendencies and capabilities, making it easier for you to know your desires, what do you want? And where do you want to be?"


Program’s graduate list!