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If you are about to embark on your career or looking to switch jobs and have an interest in the financial world then Venture Capital (VC) is a sector worth considering. VCs are growing rapidly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this is a very exciting time to be part of its ecosystem. 

Venture Capital (VC) is a form of private-equity financing through which investors support startup companies to obtain long-term capital gains. VC firms are an investment vehicle that allow entrepreneurs to receive money for their company’s growth in the short term and for investors to grow their wealth in the long term. Although it’s considered high risk, high reward for all the key players, VC firms mitigate risks by monitoring investments closely and supporting entrepreneurs to ensure their success.  

Today, according to Tracxn, the world’s largest platform for tracking startups and private companies, there are 67 VC funds in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As these numbers grow, so will the job opportunities in them as well. 

VC firms across the Kingdom are being offered fresh and exciting opportunities under the Saudi Vision 2030, which outlines the Kingdom’s long-term economic strategy. Wamda reported that five years into the Saudi Vision 2030, VC funding in the Kingdom has risen to an all-time high with a recorded SAR 569.6 million ($151.9 million) in investment raised across 88 deals in 2020. 

Positive economic policies, growing purchasing power, and an exciting entrepreneurial landscape means that the Kingdom is emerging as the largest market in the MENA region for VC firms. With so much potential to grow, job opportunities in a VC firm have benefits that include high paid salary, intellectual stimulation, and professional growth.

Here are top 5 reasons why you should join a VC firm in Saudi Arabia:


Understand the start-up ecosystem

While working on critically analyzing startup companies, you will learn the fundamentals of building a profit-making business. There is a real entrepreneurial spirit in the Kingdom under Saudi Vision 2030, making this an ideal time to work in the VC sector to support the booming startup ecosystem. From understanding the technicalities of growing a profitable business to launching exciting homegrown businesses that can eventually be scaled regionally and globally, it is all part of the learning at a VC firm.


Diversity of industry

Apart from learning about what makes a business successful, you will also work with startups across different industries. Currently in the Kingdom, VCs are investing in tech, logistics, transport, education, fintech and other sectors. Saudi Venture Capital Company (SVC), a Riyadh-based technology VC fund, has predicted that venture capital investments have the potential to expand tenfold to $500 million in 2025 from $50 million in 2018. A position at a VC firm will allow you to explore and understand various industries and sectors.


Work with the founders

When working at a VC firm, you will work closely with the startup team including the founders and CEO. You will get insight into the complete journey of the company from the idea to its challenges of raising capital. To work with these inspiring people that have taken a risk and have such a strong belief in their ideas, you will learn about the type of mindset it takes to be determined and have the drive to take a chance. It’s a way to build a solid network of ambitious individuals working across the Kingdom and abroad.


Learn about market trends

By working at a VC firm, you will get a closer look at the current market trends and learn how to predict future market trends in the Kingdom, MENA region, and beyond. You will gain skills to understand and predict what concepts work and can be game-changing. In a short period of time, you will have the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of how the fast-paced financial market works. 


Access to other job opportunities

The accelerated skills you will acquire by working in a VC firm will allow you access to a range of exciting job opportunities in the future both in the Kingdom and abroad. By learning about what makes businesses successful, your options can include joining a startup, managing a seed-stage fund, or setting up your own venture.


Prepare for your entrepreneurial journey

You’ll gain many practical skills and experiences by working in the VC world, but what’s more important is that you’ll have built a strong network of founders and investors. These factors will help you start your own business one day, and provide you with a great opportunity and starting point to become a successful entrepreneur.


Venture Capital is a high-pressure job and a competitive career choice. It’s adventurous, involves risk-taking, and offers a range of experiences. If you’re ambitious and eager to be part of the exciting financial ecosystem, then it is an ideal career choice for you.




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