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When lockdown began, the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged all sectors to adapt rapidly, where companies and workers alike fell into a new digital way of life. 

One year on we have found new strategies, new ideas, and better leadership skills for remote working; and as we move towards Digital Saudi 2030, a comprehensive business-focused event to promote the digital transformation of Saudi, a small silver-lining of the COVID-19 pandemic is that we are now better equipped for a digitized society.


A PwC report mapped out the desired future of remote working in Saudi, taking both technological readiness and business culture into account, and found that the new way of remote working is here to stay. With a successful vaccination roll-out in operation, some workplaces and offices will aim to adapt to the new normal and reopen at full capacity, with social distancing in place. However, office space comes at a cost and the pandemic has taught us that many roles have adapted well to working from home.


Fortunately, many websites are well placed to help you find remote working opportunities. If you’re a freelancer looking for work, check out the following:


  • Mostaql - the largest freelancing platform in the Arab world
  • Bahar - Discover a sea of professional freelancers
  • Marn - A website for freelancers looking for jobs
  • Tasmeem - A large network for creatives in the region


With that in mind, we turn to the future of remote working. Industries will benefit from new cost-saving work from home systems and benefit from attracting the best KSA talent regardless of a recruit’s location. This new work culture can improve job satisfaction, and enable employees to achieve a better work/life balance according to this PwC report. So today we’ll look at the popular work from home roles available to suit your skills.


Previously, we’ve discussed the benefits of working from home. Extra precious minutes of sleep thanks to a vanquished commute, flexibility, and the time you’ll save traveling for meetings. Yes, the human connection is lost, but the perks are many, and should you create an effective workspace, you can enjoy the benefits of working from home while achieving career satisfaction.


Popular work from home roles:


Web design 

High-achieving Saudi students are encouraged into programs deemed integral for the progress of KSA, such as engineering, medicine, and computer science. 


And if you’re a computer science graduate, the resulting roles include a wide range of Work From Home opportunities, including web design, development, and web applications. Some of the most popular work from home jobs internationally include web design, computer programming, data science, business analysis, and software development. The list is endless and Naukrigulf, a platform that helps employment-seekers navigate suitable roles in the region, has an extensive list you can search.


Graphic design

Graphic design is an art done by professionals. It’s storytelling through visuals, where designers communicate using specific techniques and tools to showcase a set of requirements. To gain employment, higher education certificates or even a solid portfolio can impress potential employers and many graphic designers can earn a good income without ever joining a physical office. Workspaces like Ureed, a marketplace for industry professionals to connect, are a way to boost your earnings, for both short-term projects and long-term work.



Your linguistic talents can lead to an exciting career role in translating, and you can largely do this from the comfort of your home. Translators are in high demand, specifically in sectors such as finance where translation services are a crucial part of global business. High-quality translators are integral to international business requirements, whether you work at a relationship level, (interpreters are in high demand for Zoom calls) or translating text documents. Bayt, one of the most popular job sites in the region, features many employment opportunities in this sector.


Accounting, bookkeeping, actuary, treasury

Pre-COVID, accounting was one key financial services sector that didn’t need an ‘in-house’ office desk. The pandemic has brought more awareness to its remote working success and the virtual services provided by accounting firms. These roles are a numbers game, and if you’ve left higher education with a degree in mathematics or economics, there are plenty of popular remote working jobs in KSA and abroad to suit your skillset.


Software engineering

In line with Vision 2030 education is a top priority and Saudi has funneled significant investments into higher education, which has led to high enrolment in Saudi universities and accredited universities in advanced countries abroad. Engineering continues to be one of the most popular fields of study for Saudi students, and while it’s not a traditional ‘work from home role,’ as engineering is considered a hands-on, team-inclusive job, there are many remote working jobs available providing you have the skills required for the set role. Software engineering is the most flexible of all, providing you have a computer and access to the internet, the world is your office.


The opportunities here depend on the specific type of engineering you excel in, and the objectives required by your employer, so providing your role doesn't need onsite inspections, you can work from home.