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The Misk Global Forum (MGF) is the biggest youth forum in the region, an annual flagship event hosted by Misk Foundation, dedicated to empowering and connecting young leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs globally. MGF serves as a dynamic platform for fostering vibrant discussions, exchanging ideas, and creating networking opportunities to nurture youth potential, encourage collaboration, and catalyze positive global change.


Our theme this year is The Big Now, encouraging young individuals to think ambitiously and act promptly, channeling their energy towards proactive problem-solving. Big represents ambitious thinking, and Now highlights timely action. Within this overarching theme, we’re emphasizing the sub-themes: Think Big, Act Now, urging young leaders to dream big, set bold goals, and take immediate and purposeful action to bring their visions to life.


  • Think BIG

Embracing ambitious thinking and encouraging innovative ideas & aspirations that dare to challenge the norms. To envision a world that knows no limits, tackling the most pressing global challenges with big visionary Thinking.

  • Act NOW

Showcasing the power of conclusive impact and immediate action. A call to seize the present and craft the future we envision. By acting now, we are transforming dreams and ideas into reality.


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Key Speakers
Ali AlQarni
Saudi Astronaut
Rayyanah Barnawi
First Saudi Female Astronaut
Chris Gardner
Author and motivational speaker
Robert Herjavec
Executive Producer and Star of ABC’s Shark Tank & CEO of Cyderes
Omar Farooq
Filmmaker and content creator
First activation
Leaders Diwan
Deep conversations with industry experts, decision makers and leaders.
Second activation
The Majlis
Discussions with the brightest minds and innovators in a relaxed setting.
Third activation
Skills Dukkan
Collaborative workshops hosted by world-class partners where you can learn new skills.
Fourth activation
Wellness Waha
Meditative and therapeutic sessions to rejuvenate you physically and mentally through exercises.
Fifth activation
The Tank
Entrepreneurship space to learn, engage and develop your entrepreneurial mindset.
Sixth activation
The Classroom
A flexible environment, an optimized learning space that leverages the latest technologies.

Situated in the historic region of Diriyah in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.The Misk Global Forum at Bujairi Terrace captivates visitors with stunning views of At-Turaif, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Misk Global forum website at https://miskglobalforum.com is where you can find information on the forum including activations, speakers, program agenda and more.

Register to secure your seat physcially or online through our virtual platform by visiting the link:


No, Misk Global Forum is free to attend.

This year, you can attend Misk Global Forum online or in person at Bujairi Terrace, Diriyah. Visit the following link to register today: https://miskglobalforum.com

MGF23 will be taking place from November 15th -17th at Bujairi Terrace, Diriyah.

Doors will open at 2:30PM.

Program will start from 3PM to 10PM.

Once you’ve completed the registration form online and received a confirmation e-mail, you’ll receive a response in up to two weeks with more details on badge collection.

For any questions regarding the Misk Hub Events, email us at: [email protected]


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