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Career Development

Explore your learning
and career paths

Career Development programs are designed to help you shape your career journey beginning with what you learn. Apply to foundational programs to identify the areas of study you are interested in based on the career paths you want to pursue. Or, participate in skill-development programs that will equip you with what you need to be job-ready and help you land your dream job. Some programs will also connect you to job opportunities with top-tier employers both within Saudi and abroad.


Learn how to
lead in a new era

Empower the leader within you by developing the strategies and skills you need to shape your leadership style. Learn to drive change at scale in an ambiguous, fast-changing, and uncertain world. Explore how you can contribute to Vision 2030 and become a leader within your community and the Kingdom.


Build and scale
your ideas

Learn how to grow your venture through programs that help you build your networks, scale your ideas, and gain access to fundraising. From mentorship to startup competitiongs to market-specific insights, you'll develop the knowledge and skills you need to build and scale your ideas.




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Community Engagement & Global Affairs

Create impact and influence
in Saudi and abroad

Play an active role in shaping the future of Saudi. These programs will help you become a community leader both locally and abroad. Find like-minded Saudis to launch community-building initiatives with or join a forum to exchange ideas and openly communicate and about sustainable, scalable development, whether you want to volunteer with a local organization or represent the Kingdom on a global stage.

Popular programs

Applications closing on 28 Oct

The Future Path Program for Career Readiness aims to prepare young people (...)

Skills you will gain:
Successfully plan your career path (...)
Entrepreneurshi (...)
Applications closing on 30 Oct

Join the world's largest multi-stage entrepreneurship competition with (...)

Skills you will gain:
Business growth Communication Sales
Applications closing on 31 Oct

Learn the secrets to building a better resume, making a better pitch, and (...)

Skills you will gain:
Successfully plan your career path (...)
Applications closing on 31 Oct

A highschool student in your last years? Confused about choosing your (...)

Skills you will gain:
Decision-making Negotiation Research

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