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Program overview

As youth play a significant role in shaping the kingdoms future, the "Youth Voice" program holds meetings and discussion sessions between youth and decision makers for them to further express their views and issues most critical t to them. This program provides a space for Saudi youth to expand their skills in persuasive discussions and ideas, further building their dialogue capabilities and improving speaking skills.  

This year, the program will focus on a number of Saudi cities: Al-Jawf,  Jazan, and Al-Ahsa. 


The program this year will focus on three Saudi Cities: 

First period: starting Wednesday July 28, 2021 in Al-Jawf. (Virtual)

Second period: starting Monday August 9, 2021 in Jazan. (Virtual)

Third period: starting Thursday September 2, 2021 in Al-Ahsa. (Virtual)


Registration start date
10 July 2021 

Starting Date

28th July 2021

Program highlights

Arabic language
This program is available in the Arabic language.
Educational Workshop
Theoretical training in a two-and-a-half hour course on communication and persuasion skills (virtual).
The first stage is practical training with a group of supervisors and participants on dialogue techniques (virtual).
Critical thinking
The second stage is in practical training with a selected group of qualified participants from the previous stage (virtual).
Content preparation
Training on communication, speaking and presentation skills in preparation for meetings with decision-makers on topics of interest to the Saudi youth.
Program duration
6 weeks period.

Application criteria

  • To be aged between 15 and 35.
  • To be fluent in Arabic (speaking, writing, and reading).

What you will learn from this program

Dialogue techniques
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Where you can present your ideas, discuss those around you, and enhance your point of view

Communication skills

Help you develop your capabilities in your community, study or work place


To enable you to move forward in your academic or professional career

Frequently asked questions

The program is available to all youth from all regions of the Kingdom. The program will discuss the most prominent issues and topics relevant to Saudi youth, and it aims to develop critical thinking and dialog skills among the youth of all Saudi regions.

The program will be launched in 3 time periods, applicants must select the suitable time for them.

First period: starting Wednesday July 28, 2021 in Al-Jawf.

Second period: starting Monday August 9, 2021 in Jazan.

Third period: starting Thursday September 2, 2021 in Al-Ahsa.

No, the program will be held remotely and does not require any physical attendance.

The program is available to anyone who wishes to develop their skills and cognitive and intellectual capabilities and does not require previous experience or specific skills.

The duration of the program is 6 weeks, divided into separate hours during the week.

All Misk programs are offered to the youth without any fee.

Contact Us if you still have any questions

Application Process

  • Apply

    Select this program and click the apply button.

  • Register on the training platform

    Create a personal profile on the training platform.

  • Application confirmation

    Successful applicants will receive an email confirming their program enrollment. We will also share more program-specific information and details about your participation.

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Skills you will gain:

Debate Effective communication Constructive Dialogue Listening Presentation Constructive criticism


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