Achieve significant societal impact with the right guidance and support
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Program overview

Inspired by the Misk Foundation’s mission of empowering Saudi youth to contribute to the future of Saudi Arabia, Misk launched this program to target youth-focused NPOs and new initiatives.

The overall aim is to strengthen the capacity of NPOs and enable the establishment of new organizations focusing on youth to boost their effectiveness and engage them in transformational experience.

Through this transformational experience, participating organizations and their staff will gain the needed knowledge and skills to better achieve their mission, to tackle community challenges and improve existing policies and services.

If you are leading a Youth-focused NPO or initiative, and you are interested in this program, please email us on:
[email protected]

Starting Date

1st January 2022

Program highlights

Launch new Initiative
Gain the necessary knowledge to launch your initiative
Building Capacity
Strengthening your team capacity
Transformational Bootcamp
12 weeks of hands-on experience
Expert mentors and coaches will help you along the way
International and National Experts
Perfect combination of expertise to support your NPO and initiative
Providing the necessary financial support
Financial Sustainability
Providing training on fundraising and sustainability
Systems and infrastructure
Supporting your organization to improve its internal systems and infrastructure
Legal Registration
Assisting your initiative through the registration process

What you will learn from this program

For Existing NPOs
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- Enhance your organization's skills and knowledge.

- Increase your organization effectiveness and social impact.

- Improve your systems and infrastructure for better programs delivery.

- Familiarize with legal framework, rules and regulations on NPOs.

- Increase the sustainability of your organization.

For new Initiatives

- Transform your initiative into a well-established NPO.

- Develop, design and launch your NPO.

- Enhance your knowledge and skills in the NPO sector.

- Familiarize with legal framework, rules and regulations on NPOs.

- Learn about organization sustainability including financial, management and impact delivery.

- Learn how to effectively plan, measure and achieve your social impact.

Contribute to significant societal impact with the right guidance and support

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