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The Misk “Career Essentials'' program provides the newest tools to empower you to gain the most in-demand human-centric skills to gain a competitive advantage. 

3 in 4 employers say they have a hard time finding graduates with the soft skills their companies need. 

Don’t fall behind! Gain access to seven of the most in-demand soft skill courses: 

Explore one, two or all seven courses and earn a certificate for every course you complete! Pick any course to start your journey.  


Effective Communication 

Discover the secrets to becoming a more effective communicator. 


Problem Solving 

Uncover the most successful strategies for solving problems like a pro. 


Organizational IQ 

Build your understanding of how companies are structured so you can find the right fit. 


Data Analysis 

Discover how to harness the power of data using Excel fundamentals to make better decisions every day. 


Financial Analysis 

Discover the foundation of finance and learn the language of money. 


Project Planning 

The new #1 tech skill, learn to plan projects like a pro. 


Design Thinking 

Discover the secrets of this unique innovation and problem-solving method

Starting Date

8th March 2022

Program highlights

2 Hours
100% Online
You will be invited to additional live workshops and bootcamps
Highschool, University student, or graduate

Application criteria

Anyone looking to harness the power of the most in-demand human-centric skills. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can take more than one course.

Yes. You can earn and collect all 7 completion certificates. 

It takes 2 hours to complete, and you have 1 week to do so.

Yes! Complete all 7 courses to unlock special hidden content and take your learning and skills to the next level!

Contact Us if you still have any questions

Application Process

  • Sign up

    Sign up to Misk Hub and create your profile

  • Apply

    Select this course and click the apply button. There, you can pick which of the 7 courses you chose to take.

  • Evaluation

    We will review your application criteria and decide if this course  is right for you.

  • Application confirmation

    Successful applicants will receive an email confirming their course enrollment, start date, and access to the learning platform.

Applications closing on 15th June 2022

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Skills you will gain:

Effective communication Problem solving Data Analysis Planning


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