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Start now! Learn the critical skills you need to compete and win in the job market.

The Misk “Future Path Career Essentials'' program  provides the best tools to empower you to gain critical skills to improve your career readiness skills. Don’t miss this chance to get a competitive advantage in the job market. Seats are limited, apply now!


Join thousands of Saudi students worldwide.

You’ll be given exclusive access to three of the most in-demand courses:

Course 1: Career Roadmap

Discover how to build a life-changing Career Roadmap by following your passion, creating a career vision and learning the questions that guide your career research and job search.


Course 2: Personal Pitch

Learn the secrets behind building a powerful written and verbal pitch. Explore how to create a resume that stands out, how to write a cover letter that grabs attention, and how to keep your pitch short, smart, and memorable.


Course 3: Interview and Networking

Uncover the ideas that will help you stand out and win the job during your interview. Plus, discover how to network online and in-person to leave a lasting impression, and build your circle of influencers and opportunity providers.


Earn Your Certificate

Each course takes about 1 hour, and participants can complete the entire program in just 3 hours. Those who complete, will be rewarded with a Misk “Future Path” certificate and will qualify for an exclusive live invitation-only online training class.


Program Start Date: 07 SEP 2021 ( Acceptances with program access details will be sent every week on Tuesday)

Starting Date

7th September 2021

Program highlights

1 Week
Complete in just 3 hours!
100% Online Courses
Access with a computer or mobile device
College or university student or graduate
Earn your e-certificate by completing
Program graduates will receive invitations to special events
Arabic and English

Application criteria

  • Saudi national or individuals whose spouse or mother is a Saudi national
  • College and university students and graduates; local and abroad
  • Access to strong internet connection
  • Commitment to complete the program

Application Process

  • Sign up

    Sign up to Misk Hub and create your profile

  • Apply

    Click the apply button to create your profile and fill out the application form.

  • Evaluation

    We will review your application.

  • Start on Tuesday

    You will receive on Tuesday an email with your personal program access information.

Applications closing on 31st October 2021

Share your certificate

Complete the program and earn a certificate that will help set you apart and gain a competitive advantage in the job market.

Skills you will gain:

Successfully plan your career path Write a professional resume Discover critical interviewing secrets Learn how to network like a pro


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