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Program overview

This program was designed in an interactive way with cooperation with elite experts from the saudi markets. They present through this program a summary of their experience in the local market that focuses on the needs of the market. Supported by practical tools that allow you to build a creative CV and download it. Also, it will provide you with examples on how to reach  the local markets. To allow young people to benefit from it in their career. 



Students’ Journey: 

Station One - Build your CV: 

In this Station you will learn the most important skills to structure and write an attractive CV, and learn what talent acquisition representatives are looking for while they are reading your CV, and you will build your CV with an expert. 


Station Two - Searching for Jobs:  

In this station you will know what you should do as a job seeker and how to communicate with companies you want to join. 


Station Three - succeeding in interviews: 

In this station you will get to know the nature of interviews and how to prepare yourself for it, also how to lead the conversation in a way that shows your skills and qualifications. 


Station Four - Skills you need : 

In the station you will get to know how to improve many skills such as writing, personal marketing, communication, and how to use them to achieve your dream job. 


And a lot of rich resources in many areas that contribute in strengthening your skills and knowledge about the labor market and the basic knowledge on how to chose your career path. 



Starting Date

5th September 2021

Program highlights

3 hours
100% Online Courses
Feel free to learn using your computer or mobile device
Colleague students & fresh graduates
Earn a certificate of completion
Program graduates will receive invitations to special events
Arabic language

Application criteria

  • Saudi national or individuals whose spouse or mother is a Saudi national
  • College and university students and graduates; local and abroad
  • Access to strong internet connection
  • Commitment to complete the program

Application Process

  • Sign up

    Sign up to Misk Hub and create your profile

  • Apply

    Select this program and click the apply button

  • Evaluation

    We will review your application criteria and decide if this program is right for you.

  • Application confirmation

    You will receive on Tuesday an email with the program details and access information.

Applications closing on 28th October 2021

Share your certificate

Complete the program and earn a certificate that will help set you apart and gain a competitive advantage in the job market.

Skills you will gain:

Successfully plan your career path Write a professional resume Discover critical interviewing secrets Learn how to network like a pro


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