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In this program, you'll learn advanced machine learning techniques and algorithms and how to package and deploy your models to a production environment. Gain practical experience using Amazon SageMaker to deploy trained models to a web application and evaluate the performance of your models. A/B test models and learn how to update the models as you gather more data, an important skill in industry.


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Important dates

Sep 2, 2021 - Application open

Sep 22, 2021 - Application close (Note that applications may close if seats fill up early)

Oct 20, 2021 - Program Start

Mar 03, 2022 - Program ends

Starting Date

20th October 2021

Program highlights

4.5 months
Online course
Live sessions
1 Connect session per week
Online lecture content
Career services
You'll have acess to resume support, Github portfolio review and LinkedIn profile optimization
Test your knowledge throughout the curriculum
Real-world projects
Build your skills through industry-relevant projects

Application criteria

General Requirements:
  • Minimum age of 18 as of course start date
  • Saudi nationals or individuals whose spouse or mother is Saudi
  • Excellent spoken and written English proficiency
  • Commitment to a minimum of 10 hours/week of self-study

Technical Prerequisites:
  • Intermediate Python programming knowledge, including:
     At least 40 hours of programming experience
     Familiarity with data structures like dictionaries and lists
     Experience with libraries like NumPy and pandas
  • Intermediate knowledge of machine learning algorithms, including:
     Supervised learning models, such as linear regression
     Unsupervised models, such as k-means clustering
     Deep learning models, such as neural networks (ideally in PyTorch)

Frequently asked questions

You may apply to more than one Nanodegree, but you will only be accepted in one (based on your application).

This program is for Saudi nationals or individuals whose spouse or mother is Saudi.

This program is sponsored by SDAIA, and is free of charge for all participants

Between instructional content, quizzes, projects, and other course-related activity, we estimate that investing from 10 to 15 hours/week of self-study including attending weekly Connect sessions will enable Nanodegree program learners to proceed through the curriculum at a successful pace.

Yes! Once you complete the graduation process, you will receive your graduation certificate.

Contact Us if you still have any questions

Application Process

  • Sign up

    Sign up to Misk Hub and create your profile

  • Apply

    Select this program and click the apply button

  • Evaluation

    We will review your application criteria and decide if this program is right for you.

  • Application confirmation

    Successful applicants will receive an email confirming their program enrollment. We will also share more program-specific information and details about your participation.

Applications closed

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