Youth NPOs Incubator

Misk Community Launches the Youth NPOs Incubator program, which aims at supporting the launch and growth of promising youth-focused initiatives and associations over a 14-week journey.
Application open
01 Apr 2022
Application Close
18 May 2022

The Program aims at supporting the launch, growth, and expansion of non-profit, youth-focused initiatives and nascent associations over a 14-week journey involving mentoring, counselling, and financial support.

The Youth NPOs Incubator targets non-profit, youth-focused initiatives that yet to be officially registered as well as newly registered youth associations. This program’s journey consists of an intensive capacity building program for participating initiatives and association in 12 knowledge areas. This includes the development of an organization’s mission statement, beneficiary analysis, value proposition design, management of development projects, impact planning and assessment, and financial sustainability planning. The Program’s journey will be concluded with a demo day ceremony during which participants will pitch their development programs.


More about the Program:

Coworking spaces:

Coworking spaces will be made available to all participants during the program to provide them with places where they could meet with their team members, carry out tasks, and engage with other teams to share knowledge and expertise.


Online coaching sessions:

Thematic coaching sessions will be held weekly for all participants.

Online coaching sessions will be held every Sunday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Face-to-face mentorship sessions:

Several private face-to-face mentorship sessions will be held for participating initiatives and associations. These sessions aim at guiding the teams on the practical implementation of the weekly theme in consideration.

Instructional sessions will be held for 90 minutes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Biweekly meetings with experts:

Expert meeting sessions will be organized to share the experience and expertise of key players in the non-profit sector with participating teams.

Professional, educational content:

 Participants will have access to educational content through Misk Hub in 12 knowledge areas of importance to non-profit organizations.

Financial support:

By the end of the program, participating initiatives and associations will have the opportunity to pitch their youth-focused projects and will have the chance to qualify to receive financial support for project implementation if criteria are met.

In-kind support:

In-kind support will be available to participating initiatives and associations to help launch, manage, and grow their programs.

Official registration of initiatives:

The program will provide non-monetary support to initiatives that officially register as non-profit organizations.

Demo Day:

By the end of the program, participants will have the chance to pitch their youth programs to foundations, grant makers, CSR programs and key players in the non-profit sector to build partnerships and apply for grants.

Program highlights
Coworking spaces
Online mentoring
Face-to-face instruction
Meetings with experts
Professional educational content
Financial and in-kind support
Official registration of initiatives
Demo Day
Building partnerships
Application criteria
  • The initiative/association targets the youth in its programs (at least in 50% of beneficiaries are youth).
  • The initiative/association has implemented at least one program.
  • The initiative/association is willing to commit to attending the whole program through three of its members (all coaching and mentoring sessions will be held after 6 p.m. to accommodate to the nature of participants’ work schedule).
  • For initiatives: Initiatives must not have the status of being officially registered. The official registration of initiatives will take place during the program.

Frequently asked questions

This program is only for non-profit, youth-focused initiatives and association.

This program is for association that have been established for 3 years or less. If your association has been established for 3 or more years, you may apply for the Youth NPOs Accelerator program.

A key requirement of this program is to consent to the official registration of the initiative during the program’s journey, where the program’s team will provide all needed support to make this happen.

All coaching and mentoring sessions take place after 6 p.m. to accommodate to the nature of participants’ full-time job. Therefore, attending these sessions is compulsory (there is a limit to permitted absences that may granted in certain situations).

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Application open
01 Apr 2022
Application Close
18 May 2022
Application Process
  1. Sign up
    Sign up to and create your profile
  2. Apply
    Select this program and click the apply button
  3. Initial assessment
    We will review the suitability of the application to the Program requirements and eligibility criteria and decide if this Program is right for you
  4. Confirmation of application submission
    Applicants will receive an email confirming their qualification for the second stage of application assessment. In the email, the applicants will be requested to provide further details and information about their initiative/ association
  5. Final assessment
    Accepted applicants will receive a final confirmation email in which they will be notified of being enrolled in the program and provided with additional information

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Youth NPOs Incubator

Misk Community Launches the Youth NPOs Incubator program, which aims at supporting the launch and growth of promising youth-focused initiatives and associations over (...)


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