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Program overview

The Program aims at supporting mature, youth-focused non-profit organizations to accelerate their growth and scalability to deliver greater social impact. 

This is a 5-month journey involving face-to-face bootcamps, online mentorship sessions, and online educational resources that contribute to increasing the organizational capacities of organizations. This is in relation to a variety of aspects, such as the management of development projects, human resources management, compliance, governance, financial management, sustainability, scalability plan development, and impact maximization and measurement. 


More about the Program:


Face-to-face workshops:

The Program involves several face-to-face camps including scale-up strategy camp and solution design methods camp. Moreover, participants will have the chance to engage with other participating teams and share knowledge and expertise during these workshops.


Online consultation sessions:

Organizations will have the opportunity to attend online consultation sessions delivered by advisors and experts in the non-profit sector based on a schedule that best suits participating organizations.


Weekly meetings:

Online weekly meetings will be arranged with organizations to follow-up on their plans, programs, achievements, organization learning plan and to provide guidance. Additionally, biweekly meetings will be held with all participating organizations for the purpose of sharing knowledge and expertise.


Educational content:

Participants will have access to educational content though Misk Hub in essential knowledge areas for non-profit organizations.


Financial support:

By the end of the Program, participating organizations will have the opportunity to pitch social, youth-focused projects that would qualify them to receive financial support for project implementation if qualification criteria are met.


In-kind support:

In-kind support will be provided to associations to help them manage their operations and programs and scale their scope of work.


Demo Day:

By the end of the program, participants will have the chance to pitch their youth programs to foundations, grant makers, CSR programs and key players in the non-profit sector to build partnerships and apply for grants.

Starting Date

22nd May 2022

Program highlights

Face-to-face workshops
Consultation sessions delivered by local and international experts
Weekly meetings
Professional, educational content
Financial support
In-kind support
Professional tools for managing organization and programs
Demo Day
Building partnerships

Application criteria

  • The association targets the youth in its programs (at least in 50% of beneficiaries are youth).
  • The association must have been registered for 3 years or more (associations that have been established for less than three years may apply for the Youth NPOs Incubator program).
  • The association is willing to commit to attending the whole program by at least three of its employees throughout the duration of the Program.


Frequently asked questions

This Program is for mature associations. If your association has been established for less than 3 years, you may apply for the “Youth NPOs Incubator” program.

Contact Us if you still have any questions

Application Process

  • Sign up

    Sign up to and create your profile

  • Apply

    Select this program and click the apply button

  • Initial assessment

    We will review the suitability of the application to the program requirements and eligibility criteria and decide if this program is right for you.

  • Confirmation of application submission

    Applicants will receive an email confirming their qualification for the second stage of application assessment. In the email, the applicants will be requested to provide further details and information about their association, in addition to conducting interviews with suitable associations

  • Final assessment

    Accepted applicants will receive a final confirmation email in which they will be notified of being enrolled in the program and provided with additional information

Applications closed


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